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NEW: Design-in-
California, Jian-in-Ohio 3. 2TL near-luxury sedan. Its 3. 2-liter V-
6. based on 3. 0-
Honda Accord\'s upgraded power unit is rated at 225 hp, an increase of 25 hp over last year.
The 99 TL is slightly larger, has a clearer profile and a more aggressive posture, and is more dynamic than last year\'s model.
The reserve price is $27,950.
The Ac song navigation system is the only available option, which adds $2,000 to the manufacturer\'s suggested retail price. Changes: The 3.
The 5RL Limousine uses side airbags as standard equipment, with some minor modifications to sheet metal and posher suspension.
CL coupes is standard for leather interiors.
Out: The Integra RS coupe was discarded.
Rest: there is no notable change in the ac song base Integra
NSX sports car or SLX sports seat-
Utility Vehicle (
Fifty bells soldier in Ac song).
General change: The company has built the largest SUV in the civilian world, Hummer, which is based on the personnel aircraft carrier of the military Hummer.
The exterior and machinery will not change, but the military interior will decrease in 99 years.
Aston martinworth noted: \"There is no major change in the shape or content of the 99 DB7 coupe or convertible.
But for drivers who think Ford
Cars with British brands-
Famous in America. S. by the (fictional)
Interesting James Bond-
Not enough sports, there are a series of dealers-
Added options to improve performance and processing power, with prices ranging from the lowest $3,300 to up to $28,000 for the full performance pack. (
While that sounds like a lot we expect Agent 007 not to turn a blind eye to the opportunity to enhance his Aston Martin\'s strength, as the price is up 21% from the $130,000 price of the basic sports car. )Audi (
Really important news: price reduction and new cup holder design! )
NEW: A6 pioneer near-
Luxury wagon and more affordable turbo 1 launched in June. 8-liter, four-
Cylinder version of A4 Avant mid-
The size of the station wagon launched last year was 2. 8-liter V-6. The 1. 8-
The price of A4 liters may be around $4,000 lower than its big brother, with a price of about $27,000.
There are dynamic trucks-
Wheel Drive and manual shift automatic transmission--
Standard on A6, option on a4.
Audi will also take the lead
The first aid kit at all the center console has been redesigned and is often considered the worst in the automotive industry.
Out: In any case, Cabriolet convertible and front-no in California this year-wheel-
Driver version of 2. 8-liter A4 wagon.
In Wings: fundamentally retrostyled two-
The door Audi TT coupe arrived on next September, after double on Augustturbo V-6 and normal-breathing V-
8 options for A6 sedan.
A tt convertible is expected in early 2000.
Rest: No change near A6
Redesigned limousine for 1998.
The same remains true: the A4 compact sedan and the A8 limousine.
Bentley: Arnage on the 4 th
The car door added to the Bentley lineup--the first all-
New Bentley 18 years later.
Seats are nearly $100,000 lower than the next step in continental Europe\'s R Coupe.
While the sedan is as heavy and as long as the Chevy suburbs, Arnage\'s twins --turbo V-8 engine (made by BMW)
Raise it from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6 hours. 2 seconds.
Bentley also added a glass roof with removable panels to the mainland and called it the continental SC.
Out: two models, Turbo r rt--
Elegant Bentley--
And Brookland.
Rest: no major changes in Continental R, Azure convertible or Continental T coupe.
BMWNew: Z3 Coupe with unusual shape (
This is also a high
Performance of M Coupe; the 5-
Sports Car Series; and the 3-
The series sedan, coupe and convertible, unveiled at the main auto show earlier this year, launched V-
The 328i car with monthly power supply 323i.
The new 3 s will be sold with the old onegeneration 3-
Before the entire lineup is converted to a new platform, the process is expected to take about two years.
Styling is similar to the old 3-
Series, although the corners are not so sharp, the overall shape is a bit windytunnel-tuned.
\"Similar\" is not a word that can be used to describe the wild Z3 sports car based on the Z3 sports car, but it is reported to be a better road car: tighter, sticky, faster.
Most people will like or hate that the coupe is almost square --
The line supported, which dates back to the era of the mgb gt coupe.
Output: four with insufficient power
The cylinder version of the Z3 sports car, now both 2. 5-liter or 2. 8-liter inline-6.
There are 3 versions of M. 2-liter inline-6s.
The rest: 5-carand 7-
BMW\'s head series-
Protection system as standard equipment, as well as modification of various options package, including sports bag at the topof-the-line models.
The century gained traction control and better handling.
The rich get a tougher hang on its base V-6 gets a five-
Horsepower increased to 200.
Out: the production of the Riviera will stop next month, and the individual luxury car will exit from Buick\'s lineup before designing and developing alternatives.
The rest: there are slight beauty and convenience changes at LeSabre, Park Avenue and Ultra stores. Cadillac (
Take a look at this: optional massage front seats for several models! )
NEW: Adelaide sports-
The first 96-luxury brand-year history. It is a Caddy-
Fied Denali, this is another rise in turn.
Market version of Chevrolet Lake Tahoe and Yukon twins.
Tires, grilles, small holes in leather seats, Cadillac cards and higher expectations (
But still not sure)
The price is everything that distinguishes the Escalade from the already loaded Denali.
In the wings: a night
A visual system that displays information in front of the driver in the lower part
In the 2000 model year, the side windshield will be provided in Deville.
Star Wars meets Fisher\'s body.
Rest: no notable changes except base, cloth
Catra\'s seat is gone.
There are also those massage seats: 20 rollers that move up and down the waist when touching the button.
Seats are available for Sevilla STS, Eldorado Touring Coupe, De Ville Concours and d\'Elegance models.
Letletnew: 1999 Silverado pickup collection, Tracker sport-ute (
See David Tara Suzuki--
Same Car)
And the hard Corvette.
The change in the shape of the truck is not amazing-
Ford and Dodge have no effect on their trucks. -
But this is the first time Chevrolet has redesigned the pickup truck in 11 years, better than not.
The mechanical equipment, especially the engine, brake and frame, is much better than before.
Change: Astro van got a fullwheel-drive version;
There are high-end options for Blazer SUV;
Start a small truck 8-
Passenger seat and leather options; the S-series mini-
Pickup line added Xtreme Sports Pack for reduced and simplified streetsrod look.
What\'s Left: At least Camaro, though not changed, did not fall in 99 as many experts feared.
As for the others, the riders, Lumina, Malibu, Metro, Monte Carlo and prim passenger cars are basically unchanged and the express trains are not.
Size van, C/K series pickup, Tahoe and Suburban sports-
Utilities and most S-series mini-pickup line.
ChryslerNew: 300 m luxury sports sedan and its sister, 10-inch-
LHS luxury sedan is longer and more demurely style.
The cars continue Chrysler\'s leadership in design.
Looks good.
Both are distinctive.
However, many critics have accused Chrysler of focusing more on style than substance.
Some of the internal materials are different from those used by competitors in Europe, Japan and even Detroit.
Rest: no major changes in Cirrus, Concord, Sebring coupe and convertible or town and country vans. Daewoo (
This is a Korean car manufacturer sold through the company.
Have shops and university campus reps working like a doorto-
On-site sales team. )
NEW: The whole company is new to the United StatesS.
It just started selling cars here late last month.
Daewoo, South Korea\'s third carmaker trying to tap into the North American market, has launched three very different cars. The top-of-the-
Line Leganza is a mid-rangesize four-
The door limousine, which competes with Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, is at least in size, but sells for $15,000-to-
The price of a lot of standard equipment is $19,000.
The small Nubira, which costs $12,000 to $14,000, has three body styles ---four-
Five-door sedan
Door hatchback and wagon.
The ultra-small Lanos costs $9,000 to $12,000 for £ 3.
Door hatchback and fourdoor sedan.
The cars were designed with the help of Italian design in Italy, and Daewoo drew a top Porsche stylist from Germany to lead his design team, so the cars were attractive, they won\'t stop the traffic.
Most critics have left Daewoo with good results in terms of quality and machinery, although Daewoo\'s efforts, like other Korean manufacturers, are not equivalent to Japanese automakers.
The team received a new front fascia;
VIP snake sports car and Coupe 18-
Inch wheels, new shift knobs and extra external colors--
Black with or without silver racing stripes.
Durango movement-
Utility is a lowerpriced two-wheel-drive version. A new inter-
Cold turbo six
In order to get more power and improve fuel economy, the cylinder diesel engine is an option for the Ram pickup truck.
Rest: The Avengers sports car remains the same.
There are some minor improvements and visual changes to other lines: Dakota mini-
Pickup, fearless and Stratus sedan, neon coupe and sedan. Eagle(On the Way)
Out: The Last Eagle, the small Talon, stopped production at the end of the year and became an orphan Chrysler brand in history.
FerrariChanges: 456 get the initial value and become the 456 m of \"modification\" to reflect some styling and mechanical changes on top of famous brandsof-the-
A $230,000 wagon.
In the wings: 400-
F355 HP successor.
The rest: only one, 550 Maranello, one two-seat, 480-
The HP flagship--
No need.
Windnew: Windstar van has a brand new skin, four doors, a smooth nose and an optional side airbag.
Wild horses gain more power and significant nip in the bud. and-
Before introducing the whole-Tuckernew \"New Edge\"-
Mustang designed in 2000.
The 99 Mustang Cobra also got a new independent rear suspension and supercharger.
It is worth noting that the big adventure sports
Utilities are now equipped with a neat set of electronic adjustable brakes and accelerator pedals that can be moved about 3 inch to accommodate the height (or short)drivers.
Out: Flash version of Ranger minipickup.
99 is the last year of Taurus.
On the Wings: redesigned Taurus
New Mustang and European Ford-
Development Focus (
Replacement escort)
It is the hot product of 2000 model year. And a retro-
Thunderbird sports car and very, very big sport-utility (
Bigger than Suburban Chevrolet! )
At the turn of the century, at the end of the millennium, shortly after the death of ten years, preparations are under way (
Or anything else you want to call the triple year. oughts).
The rest: since 1996, Ford has almost redesigned all its products and has not felt the need to spend billions of dollars again.
So in addition to some small adjustments, the outline of the 1999, Crown Victoria, escort, Expedition, explorer, F-
Series pickup, Ranger Mini
Pickup and Taurus line.
GMCNew: 1500 pickup in Sierra--
Version of Chevrolet Silverado redesigned by GMC.
What\'s left: If you don\'t know yet, it\'s time to get to know all the products in GM\'s truck division are upgraded versions of models that Chevrolet offers.
If it\'s not changed as a Chevrolet, it\'s not changed as a GMC either.
GM has prepared some small mechanical and cosmetic adjustments for \"99 Jimmy (
Same as Chevrolet suit coat);
Safari and Savana vans (
Astro and Express in Chevrolet);
Classic pickup in Sierra Leone (
Same as Chevrolet C/K series); Sonoma mini-pickup (Chevy S-10);
Suburbs and Yukon (Chevy Tahoe)
And Denali Sports in the Yukonutes.
HondaNew: the Odyssey minivan is Honda\'s largest car ever and a brand new model for 99 years.
With double sliding doors (they\'re power-
Top operation-of-the-line EX model), a 210-horsepower V-
Many other features expected by 6 engine and minivan shoppers (
Including 9 cup holders). The second-
The row seats in the front seats can be pushed together to form a single bench seat.
Change: Civic got new front and rear bumpers, improved taillights, and new headlights and grille treatments. The CR-V mini-
Ute has 20 horsepower.
On the wings: a new Honda-built sport-
May replace Isuzu as a model in 2000-built Passport.
There is also a trendy Honda sports car, SSM, which will be available here next year.
The sports car will compete with BMW Z3 instead of Mazda Miata.
The rest: agreement, EV-
Passport sport-Plus electric van
Ute and Prelude have barely changed except for minor adjustments. Hyundai (
Great news in the United StatesS.
Perhaps the reviewer finally gave some respect to the company. Its Excel-
The reputation for poor quality seems to be disappearing, though slow as Hyundais ranks secondand third-
The construction project, modeling, quality control and so on rushed across the street. )
NEW: No South Korea.
1 car manufacturers bring a fullnew mid-
Sonata sedan with two new engines--an inline-4 and a V-6--
And two new transmissions.
Change: Elantra compact features a gentle facial lift and adds a larger 2. 0-liter engine.
On the Wings: as a model in 2000, a new accent for a minivan and a mini carute (
Like Toyota RAV4)
In 2000, although it may be 2001.
Also talked about a nearluxury full-
Like the grand sedan that modern sells home.
The rest: Economic accent
Cars and Tiburon sports cars are basically the same.
InfinitiNew: Nissan\'s luxury department brings back the entrance-
Group of 20 cars (
If your idea of entry level is $21,000).
The car has the same 2. 0-liter, 140-
The horsepower engine, which was discontinued in 1996, is equipped with new sheet metal and interior components.
Change: Top-of-the-
The line Q45 performs plastic surgery on the nose and tail, plus a range of comfortable and convenient adjustments, including a return to the analog clock installed in the center of the dashboard, an electric rear parasol and a variable shock absorber, can be set from the driver seat.
The rest: the only other Unlimited, I30 sedan and QX4 sports --utility (
See Nissan Pathfinder)
, Basically no change compared to 1998, although the traction control can now be selected on the I30 (
As its Nissan double, Maxima).
Isuzu: just a few seasons ago, a concept car-a crazy-style car is expected to be available in the United States. S. as a late-
1999 in spring. The spacey-looking three-door sport-
Utility offers 215-horsepower V-6 with four-
Automatic and on speeddemand four-wheel drive;
The price is likely to be $30,000.
Change: Amigo gets the hard top version.
The rest: the same as last year is the family transfer (a Chevy S-
10 with fewer options)
, Oasis van (
Honda Odyssey last year)
And the mounted police.
The Utility song dealer also sells it as a SLX.
The wings of the Jaguar: when Ford next season-
Travel UK-
New S model for car manufacturers-
It shares its foundation with Lincoln\'s new LS, but is expected to continue the tradition of Jaguar\'s sweet styling that Lincoln could have used.
A supercharged V-XKR will be launched next year.
Compared to the Porsche 400, it has 911 horses and more accelerated 8 coupe cars.
Jaguar officials have also been approved by the company to launch a new small car, codenamed-
Named X400, will be 3-with BMW-
Series, etc. , planned to produce 2001.
Rest: Jaguar keeps 99 lines in addition to adding some engine management system adjustments, some new colors and an optional beige top for its XK8 convertible--
4 XJ cars and XK8s (
Coupe and convertible)--alone.
JeepNew: Grand Cherokee, cleverly redesigned the body, new mechanics, new 235-horsepower, 4. 7-liter V-
The critics were well received.
The rest: the regular Cherokee line becomes smoother. 0-liter inline-6 engine options;
The Cherokee movement made some adjustments in the grille and headlights area.
The Wrangler got some new colors.
KiaNew: Despite the serious financial problems, Groupon has been working for 98 years and one result is two-
Sports mini door convertible versionute.
Less than $15,000 for two. wheel-
Drive version, sports include power windows, mirrors and door locks, and drivers-
Side knee bag with double airbag.
Folding the soft top opens the rear of the vehicle, leaving the traditional hard top on the driver and front
Sit in the passenger\'s seat.
On the wing: a minivan at the end of 2000, 99, followed by a minivan for the same model year.
There may be a mid-term
The size car travels west as a 2001 model.
The company also sells Kia Elan (
Tooling for chassis and suspension is purchased from Lotus)
At home and in Europe, dealers and enthusiasts are pressing for them to start exporting their small zoomy sports cars to the United StatesS.
Other: Saifiya sedan, remodel and re-
Designed just last year, like the hard top movement, there was no change. Lamborghini (
Volkswagen\'s Audi division now owns the famous Italian brand, and there are rumors that Volkswagen chief Ferdinand piyer believes that Lamborghini has lost some design talent and is ordering the next generation of models.
Before Rambo went public with a model of 2000. )
Wings: replace the V-with a vandal, possibly demanding chapter, with the masses-
12 engine, expected to launch in 2000.
Also in the rumor factory: a small Lamborghini of Audi V-8 power plant.
What\'s left: two in the middle
Engine Lamborghini models sold in the United StatesS. --
Diablo sports car and Diablo SV sports car--
Keep the same for 99 years.
Land RoverChanges: The Discovery series became the Discovery II series in the next month or so, adding about 6 inch of the length of the cargo zone. Hill-
Drop traction control becomes an option for discovery.
The Range Rover is equipped with standard side airbags and a new engine management system.
The seats of both models have been redesigned.
Mini in Wings: Freelancer
Another one in Toyota RAV4/Honda CR-
Class V, but better-
It is easier to obtain a certificate than others.
It is now listed in Europe and is expected to be available in late 2000 or early 2001.
Out: Defender 90 is no longer sold in the United StatesS.
Neither is the manual transmission. Lexus (
Whether you like it or not, there are 1999 Daytime running lights for all models. )
NEW: It really pushed it to call them new, but Toyota\'s luxury division launched two \"1999\" sports --
Utilities at the beginning of this year.
The first one is the update of LX470 and LX450 (
Lexus version of Toyota Land Cruiser).
Second, a real whole
The RX300 is a new model. it is an overall practical station wagon that looks like an SUV, but it is like a good station wagon to drive and manipulate.
Its platform is borrowed from a passenger car in Toyota\'s Japanese market, which is one of the reasons for the car.
The RX300 is very luxurious in the interior and is suitable for Lexus, but lacks a low range which will make it truly available non-road truck. Like Mercedes-Benz\'s M-series sport-
Ute, RX300 because of its \"collision-friendliness.
\"This is the new saying, meaning it\'s like a passenger car crunching in a collision, absorbing most of the shock and keeping the other car and its passengers safe from the real
Utility companies with rigid truck frames can offer.
Change: ES300 sedan down V-
It shares with Toyota Camry and gets a new variable --timing V-
6 and 10 horsepower, using the same engine used in the rx300.
Rest: cosmetic adjustments for GS and LS series sedans and SC sports cars.
Although Lincoln has begun to show them, the LS series--Euro-styled rear-
Driving a car in V-6 and V-8 versions--
It was not until early summer that they would enter the showroom and become a retail model in 2000.
These are the cars that will share the platform with the new Jaguar S.
Out: Thunderbird-
Mark VIII personal luxury coupe.
Rest: Engine enhancements improve the horsepower rating of mainland and town luxury cars and Navigator SUVs (
Ford\'s Advanced Expedition).
MazdaNew: sports like the suburbs of GM and Lexus-
Mazda, a utility company, has launched one of its 1999 models ---
Completely redone Miata sports car-
Almost before the sun set in 1997.
But although Miata is no stranger to the showroom, it is still a new \'99 \'model, and its muscle beauty and rigidity are well received.
The real new Mazda in 99 years is a compact sedan.
Maybe that\'s a reflection of Ford having one now-
Third, former Mazda and Ford executives run the company, the design is more European than Japan, the cabin is higher, and the clearance space is a little more than the previous models.
It is equipped with an online
4 of the two versions-
106 hp, 122 hp. Changes: The B-series pickup (
Ford Ranger Mazda sheet metal)gets a four-door version.
Out: MPV minivan, plan to be a full-scale truck next yearnew model.
In the wings: a little movement --
There were rumors at the end of 1999 or early 2000 that it was practical.
Rest: 323 economy car appearance update
Sedan 626 and nearby-
Limousine. Mercedes-Benz (
All the best things arrived either last year or will expire in the next few years. )
NEW: CLK Cabriolet, a four
Seat convertible with supercharged 3. 2-liter V-6 (
Supercharger in K for Kompressor, Germany).
The top of the convertible is automatic and tucked under a smooth hard cover.
Change: Entry for Class C, mercedes-
Horizontal line, with the appearance of AMG-got the hot rod
Prepared C43, a C sedan with a supercartuned 4. 3-liter V-
Shoes with horns.
It has 302 horses, priced at $54,500.
Another C sedan gets the same supercharged engine as the smooth slk2 30 sports car and becomes C230 (
The number indicates the size of the engine, in liters, with no decimal point--
So the \"230\" means 2. 3-liter engine).
There are five optional Slk2 30-
The speed manual transmission is the first Mercedes-Benz in the United States. S. since 1994. The M-class sport-
Utility get V-
Version 8, ML430, 17-
Inch wheel and monochrome color scheme to differentiate from V-
Sister 6, ML320.
Also got 4. 3-liter V-
Version 8 is the CLK Coupe.
On wings: a replacement for giant S
As a model in 2000, cars and cars are expected to be launched in the spring.
Mercedes has said it will launch the super
Luxury Maybach competing with Rolls Royce
Royce and Bentley, 2001 early. The rest: E-
Cars and vans are carried with you.
They got support though. Impact airbag.
There is no change in S and CL classes.
The SL sports car has been transformed in appearance, including the new dashboard, rocker board, bumper and door handle.
MercuryNew: \"99 Puma\", whose \"New Edge\" styling plays with triangles and sharp creases, is not the smooth oval shape of Ford\'s trademark.
The car is built on a profile/mysterious compact platform and doesn\'t change much under its skin.
However, it has an optional five
Speed Manual for stirring 2. 0-liter inline-4 or a 2. 5-liter V-6.
Another new factor in Mercury\'s stability is
The villagers van produced by Nissan has a longer skin.
It was redesigned to add a sliding back door to the driver\'s side.
Villagers also got three Nissan cars. 3-liter V-
6 for more power and improved suspension, steering and braking.
The interior is more spacious due to the extra length.
Rest: slight beauty and comfort
Economical tracking, compact mystery, convenient package changes in the middle
Size Sable, all
Big Marquis and Mountaineer SUV.
As is typical of Mercury, they are all upgraded versions of the Ford model.
Executives promised a precedent.
This year, Mercs will move Lincoln Mercury\'s corporate office to Irwin and will stop imitating Ford and start to be independent. wise.
MitsubishiNew: the company\'s franchise car, Galant, was brand new in 99 years and became a real medium car
For the first time, measure the size with a higher, wider, longer body.
This look is a little more prominent than other Asian imports, with more angles and lines than usual. The top-of-the-
The first V-line model of Galant6, a 195-horsepower, 3. 0-
The rise borrowed from the Montero Sport SUV and adjusted the passenger car tariff. Lower-
2-class sailing remains. 4 liter inline-
Lift to 145 horses.
There are 3 choices for the Montero movement. 5-liter V-6.
The rest: the economic Phantom and the luxury diamond sedan, the Eclipse and the 3000 gt sports car and the Montero SUV are only minor changes.
Re-converted Quest minivan (
Like the Mercury villagers)
Get an extra 4.
Length 6 inch, 1.
Extra width of 2 inch and fourth door-a sliding one--
On the driver\'s side. Changes: A V-
The 6 engine was finally added to the Frontier mini-
The king taxi model of the pickup line, the Sentra GXE model obtained a front fascia of the motor layer than the other Sentras.
The aging Pathfinder SUV received a facial lift in the middle of the year and was designated as a 1999 1/2 model.
In Wings: The future is an exciting place for Nissan USA, which has seen a sharp drop in sales and is in real danger of being replaced as number one
Japan imports (it once was No. 2)
Upstart like Mitsubishi or Mazda.
First, a brand. new Frontier-
SUV based in 2000 to complement Pathfinder.
It will be accompanied by a complete redesign of the Sentra and Maxima sedans.
Altima and Pathfinder were fully redesigned in 2002.
About some time then, Nissan is expected to bring a replacement for its former modelformidable (and two-years-dead)
The car was designed at Nissan\'s US headquarters. S.
Studio in La Jolla.
Earlier this year, the company became the first Asian carmaker to export cars to the United States. S.
Studio authority-
And responsibility-
Design the car that will be sold here.
In addition to a new Z, the studio has shown a hybrid movement
Practical trucks and advanced
The concept sedan, which will provide some seat comfort, clearance, storage capacity and ease of access, will allow many former owners to queue up at SUV dealers.
Out: In a decision to shake some industry watchers, Nissan\'s remaining sports cars, 200 SX and 240 SX, were all canceled.
Rest: only minor changes have been made to the \'99 version of border Altima (
Besides King taxi)
The early Pathfinder and Sentra (except the GXE).
Senior high school English
Size Alero replaces Achieva without regrets as the entrance to olds
Standard equipment for Level and sedan versions including traction control, defense
Lock disc brake on all four wheels, air conditioning, four wheels
The speed is automatic, the reserve price is about $17,000, 150-horsepower, 2. 4-liter inline-4. A 170-horsepower, 3. 4-liter V-
There are also six.
Change: plot to get a peppy 3. 5-liter V-
6 as the choice of 215 horsepower.
The Silhouette minivan collection has secured a new top-class model-premiere, the first factory in the industry --
Video Entertainment Center installed (
Passengers, not drivers).
In the wings: Expect a redesigned Aurora early on
Next Fall, 2000 models will replace the 88-year-old Olds and its luxury brother LSS.
Out: An old man aged 88.
Rest: gentle look and mechanical remodel to update Aurora, LSS and machete (
Disappeared next year)
Passenger car and Bravada SUV (
Blazer version of Oldsmobile).
Plmouthchanges: wandering, Plymouth\'s pair of classic American hot sticks, get more power and a-250horsepower, 3. 5-liter V-6.
It has a new color, too. -
Screaming Yellow-
And a harder body to reduce jitter, rattle and rolling.
It was also released in the spring, so while it\'s classified as a 99-year model, it\'s not all new.
Rest: neon compact (
Sister\'s Dodge of the same name)
In the breeze
The size is basically the same as in 98, as is the traveler line for minivans.
On Wings: neon redesigned for 2000 and redesigned for breeze and traveler in 2001.
Pontiac: the Grand Am family, built on the same platform as the old Arero, shares the same engine, but looks Athletic, as a little rowdy teenager in the GM family, the location of Pontiac is perfect.
Change: the old Trans Sport minivan is now Montana with electric sliding doors on both sides, just like the Ford and Honda races.
The rest: The Firebird, the two-fire Coupe and the convertible, the Grand Prix and the Bonneville line all have some minor tweaks.
Porsche 911 coupe and convertible.
The new generation of 911 came out as the \'99 \'model in spring, the first time in 34 years not to use aircooled engine.
It\'s driven by Porsche\'s water. cooled, 296-horsepower, 3. 4-liter flat-6.
It also shares a large amount of sheet metal with the base box ster, but is assembled in an obvious Carrera format.
Compared with the first 911 models, the car has more brakes and more stability. An all-wheel-
The Drive version of drive era 4 will be available on January.
In the wings: 450-
Horsepower, turbocharged version, for those who like to peel paint off the door when blasting on a highway.
Rest: the new Boxster sports car in 98 is unchanged. Rolls-
Royal: Silver Angel and owner of the company.
It\'s a bit complicated, but basically, BMW now has Rolls Royce
Royce\'s name, although acquired Bentley earlier this year and thought it had earned Rolls-Royce in the deal, the German carmaker Volkswagen had the right to continue making \"Rolls-Royce\" until 2003.
At that time, Rolls-Royce and Bentley will be separated, Rolls-Royce will become a BMW-
Although it still makes cars at a factory in Britain.
In addition to this, the silver six-wing Angel, which later became the base of Bentley Arnage, was taken apart as a 1999 model in spring and used BMW-built V-
12 engines, while Arnage has BMW\'s Turbo V-8.
Bentley, Rolls-Royce-speedby, costs $13,500.
Out: Silver Thorn.
The rest: you can still order the volume-
Rois Park Ward limousine, the company will still customize it. Saab (
There is a refrigerated glove box in one model, optional cooling seat--
Maybe it\'s a long summer in Sweden? )
NEW: Saab has launched two brands --
1999 new cars this spring: 9-3 and 9-5.
Old Saab 900 becomes 9-
3, and the 9000 line becomes 9-5.
Saab has more than 1,000 technological improvements. The entry-level 9-
3. it still looks like 900. there Are coupe, sedan and convertible, and there are 2. 0-
Straight train turbo-
It can output 185 horsepower. The all-new 9-
A station wagon will join the ranks of luxury cars early next year.
9-basic engine5 is a 170-horsepower, 2. 3-
Straight train turbo-
4. optional with 3. 0-liter turbo V-
Six were rated as 200. The 9-
The 5S has an optional seat cooler and an insulated glove box with air vents
Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator-About 42 degrees.
On the wing: a Saab rocket ship-a hot-rodded 9-3 with 17-
Limited inch wheels
Slide back end and 225-horsepower, 2. 3-liter, 16-
Online Turbo valve
Under the hood.
Only 3,000 special-
The version of the car is produced every year, and less than 1,000 of the cars in the early word came to the United States. S.
Saturn changes: Saturn is slow to change the look of its ultra-small and compact cars and vans, and has just remade the entire lineup a few years ago.
1999 all models--
Coupe, sedan and wagon-have base 1. 9-liter inline-
Four engines have been widely modified to become the most stable and vibrating engine.
Free Saturn power plant.
Import of General Motors-
Fighter also added some new colors to its palette.
In the wings: long --
The rumored \"big\" Saturn-a mid-
Size model based on European universal Opel platform-
It will expire next year.
Traditional sports in the interiorUtility Sedan (or SUS)
As many \'99s\' launched earlier this year.
Change: A lot of decoration and option pack adjustments for the Forest man Movement
With Subaru celebrating its 30 th anniversary in the United States, utility, heritage and Impreza passenger cars and their inland wagon versionsS.
Anniversary Edition.
Subaru engine at base 2. 2-
And optional 2. 5-
Rise, get power boost from tuning modification.
Impreza got a new anterior fascia.
In the wings: a new legacy in 2000 with unique AmericaS.
Different shapes from Japanesemarket model.
SuzukiNew: Vitara and Vitara sports-
Utility, change side kick line. Both are mini-
Utes of Honda CR-V class. The two-
Door Vitara has only 97 horses to share with Chevrolet, which it calls its version a Tracker.
The Grand Vitara hotel is larger with four doors and a 155-horsepower, 2. 5-liter V-
This makes it stand out from the competition.
The shape is good, but soft, the curve is much more than a square side kick.
Grand Vitara was well received by critics.
Change: 1 point for Esteem sedan and van. 8-liter inline-
Early next year, from 98-horsepower, 1. 6-
They are now motivated by the engine.
Out: mixed X-
90 multi-function cars, you either like it or hate it ---
Most people seem to hate it. -Died in 99 years.
The rest: there is no change in fast economy cars.
Toyota\'s Camry Lala sports car
Efforts have been made to return to the affordable sports car sector.
Optional 200-horsepower, 3. 0-liter V-
With the demise of the turbocharged coupe, Solara became Toyota\'s most powerful coupe.
Change: this year-
The old Sienna minivan can choose the fourth door to keep up with the competition.
4 Runners
Utility in the middle of the year through the new grille and bumper treatment, interior renovation and new fourwheel-
A driver system with multiple operating modes.
Out: Top of the T100 pickup, super sports car and Celica-of-the-line GT model.
Toyota\'s first all-wing car: tundra
190 size Pickuphorsepower V-6 and 245-horsepower V-
Eight engine options, scheduled to debut in the showroom in May as a 2000 model.
It will be a little smaller than Detroit\'s team.
Size model, no expansion-
Bed version for the first year.
However, it will have twoand four-door models.
There\'s a lot of plywood or 2-by-
The four bolts to be shipped must meet these two-
Get the necessary 8 feet bed long door--the four-
The bed with the door is a short 6 1/2 feet.
Also looking forward to introducing MR-in 2000-
S, coupe and convertible version, replacing mid-range models
The engine MR2 dropped in 98.
It will compete with Mazda Miata.
The rest: Toyota has hardly changed the model of Camry (
Redesigned in 1997), the new-in-
\'98 Corolla and Land Cruisersize sport-
Tercel economy Coupe (
Considered last year), the full-
Two remaining Celica models, the Avalon sedan (
Convertible and hatchback)
Tacoma mini-
Pickup and RAV4 mini-ute.
Volkswagen new: in recent years, Volkswagen has re-designed Audi-
Passat and the popular New Beetle.
For 1999, it reintroduced European trucks to the United States. S.
, Provided only as Winnebago in the last few years-
Modified version of campers.
A redesigned Jetta aircraft came out later this year, looking a lot like 1998, but the body was harder and the aerodynamics improved.
New versions of Golf and GTI will be launched early next year-the high-
Golf Show--
And a reconverted Cabrio convertible.
Kabilio Golf and GTI get the new 2 points. 0-liter, 115-
Horsepower online
4 engines, GTI got 2 engines. 8-liter V-
6 options for 172 horses.
Although Cabrio kept its old-
The other two are new and have better structural rigidity and better suspension and handling.
Change: Passat van gets 190-horsepower V-
6 options, all of the publicwheel-
The drive system at the top is standardof-the-
Line Passat GLX models.
The GLX version of the New Beetle received a turbo 1. 8-liter inline-
Let it run around the 4 rings of standard 115-horse, 2. 0-liter version.
There is also an optional glass skylight--
Step closer to dialogue
Everyone in this country seems to be waiting for the Beetle.
On the wings: the convertible Beetle.
It is expected to be 2000 or 2001 models by 2000. Volvo (
Say goodbye to the rear.
Wheel Drive, Hello whip-
Protection system in S80. )
NEW: The curved S80 replaces Volvo\'s last S90 sedanwheel-drive models.
It is equipped with a base 2. 9-liter, 201-
Horsepower online
6 and optional twinsturbocharged 2. 8-liter six-
265 horse and automatic cylinder engine with manual shift (no clutch).
The design of the front seat helps reduce the chance of a whip at a low levelspeed, rear-end collisions.
Change: S70 (S is for sedan;
Volvo Cars and convertible cars use the C prefix, and the wagon uses the V prefix)gets an all-wheel-drive system.
In the wings: 40-
Series cars and travel cars are expected to be listed as models in 2000 in the summer of 99 (
They are already on the road in Europe)
Let Volvo enter-
The price starts below the horizontal line of $25,000.
People in their 40 s will also leave their 70 s with Volvo\'s new curve style
The series is the only Volvo box being manufactured.
Out: V90 wagon and S90 sedan.
Rest: 70-
The wagon, coupe, sedan and convertible series are new in 98 and are not expected to change much this year.
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