About how to choose furniture hardware shake handshandle, collocation and installation

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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metal shake handshandle, decoration hardware, in the bedroom closet, kitchen cabinet decorated can not hardware spicy red element of decoration.
a, how to choose furniture hardware shake handshandle of shake handshandle anthology match must decide according to the design of furniture, function and place. Tell commonly, the relationship between shake handshandle and furniture has the principle of two kinds of processing roughly, namely marked or it is hidden.
2, furniture hardware handle how to match the furniture production process is different, different occasions shake handshandle collocation is different, the design of door shake handshandle also extraordinary splendour. Normally, the shake handshandle with qualitative material suits argent stainless steel to be used in office building, choose more in the family inferior smooth, the shake handshandle of gu tong and aluminium alloy craft. Neuter or light cool color mix oily illuminative household to also can choose inferior smooth wire drawing of stainless steel door handle, and after polishing metal shake handshandle is much use extensively in guesthouse.
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