a simple trick to revive a rechargeable battery - hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
As long as I have been using and recommend using a rechargeable battery, I also strongly claim to have used a smart charger with refresh or re-regulation.So why, when I put a rechargeable battery that\'s only 6 months old on my Ansmann Energy 16 charger --Basically the most advanced charger in the world.Is my battery showing a defect?Have you ever had this?If you have used the recharge function for any period of time, then the reply will definitely be yes.
But you will find that there is a good chance that there is no problem with this battery-In fact, it can be recycled for many useful recycling uses.You put the battery in a fairly unsophisticated device, and like a children\'s toy, the battery is over-discharged.Normally, you don\'t want to overdischarge under 1.
0 V, automatic stop for most gadgetsThe operating voltage cut off to offset this.However, many toys and simple devices do not have this feature.So, in this case, your rechargeable battery voltage drops below 1.
0 volts -say down to .
8 volts.
The smart charger will detect this for the bad battery without starting the charging or refresh cycle-The battery seems to have run out.However, if you put this battery in the \"dumb\" charger for about 10 minutes, the voltage will rise enough for the smart charger to identify the viable battery and start the recovery/charging process.Through a dumb charger, we are referring to some units that basically cook the battery.
You can pick-Bought a cheap apartment for less than $10.We use a simple plug-inAchieve this in the night chargerHowever, it only works for AA and aaa.If you want to resume an attempt at C, D, or 9 V Duracell or energ-They specialize in dumb chargers.
Does that mean it\'s best to give up your smart charger?Definitely not.Thanks to the refresh feature, Chargers like Ansmann Energy 8 plus or Energy 16 will still allow you to recycle the most from rechargeable batteries.Timely refresh function breaks down chemicals in cells in an intelligent wayBy introducing a proprietary algorithm for charging and discharging cycles at different voltage levels.
This can prevent the battery from forming crystals in the chemical reaction, thus shortening the battery life and recycling, especially in the later stage of the battery life.Your best defense against unstable battery behavior is two-fold.First of all, don\'t let your battery run out completely.
Although the shelf life of self-discharged batteries is at least one year, it is better to cycle these batteries every six months.Secondly, only use the smart battery charger to charge the battery
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