A kind of multi-functional metal lock body

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Application number/patent no. : 200920055933 the utility model provides the multi-function metal lock body, this new type of set up in the metal lock body cavity, inclined tongue and the tongue, and the inclined tongue and the tongue is from top to bottom in order to set on the metal lock in the body cavity, and in the inclined tongue and the tongue between set has inclined tongue, the tongue dial pills and tongue dial the peach, among them, the latch lock body connect palms, dial the slice and metal reached when users outside the door or just need to put his hand up to ask the metal lock body can make whole metal lock body is in a state of closure, and when the users only need to press the metal when door lock body metal lock handle can automatically solution directly open the door, the utility model of the metal lock body in the concrete used in door, metal door lock the door when you do not need the key, and under the door pressure of hand gesture can achieve the result of open the door, and don't have to install door panel shear, in order to achieve cost savings, the purpose of simplifying the process to open the door and metal to lock the door. 申请日: 2009年04月30日 公开日: 授权公告日: 2010年05月05日 申请人/专利权人: 陈涛 申请人地址: 广东省中山市小榄镇四宅巷2号 发明设计人: 陈涛 专利代理机构: 代理人: 专利类型: 实用新型专利 分类号: E05B15/00; E05B63/14
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