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by:DIgao     2020-08-12
The regular furniture wood has its own unique marks, just like everyone has their own unique fingerprints.
Here are some details or features that can help you easily identify the wood of various furniture. Ash (white ash)
: Ash is a tough hard wood, known mainly for its excellent bending ability;
Used for curved wood and curved furniture parts that require maximum strength.
Gray veneers are also common.
The color of gray ranges from white milk or gray to dark red brown.
Moderate price.
Bas Wood: bas Wood is a common hardwood floor, often used with rare wood such as walnuts and mahogany.
Its color ranges from cream white to cream brown or red, with wide light and sometimes slightly dark stripes.
The grain is straight and uniform.
It\'s up close.
Small pores.
It\'s cheap.
Beech: Beech is another hard wood that is easy to bend, but not as attractive as ash.
Beech is usually used with more expensive wood, mainly in inconspicuous places ---
Chair and table leg of cabinet, bottom of drawer, side and back.
The mountain tree is a good stain that is usually dyed into the look of a redwood, maple or cherry.
The Beech tree is hard and heavy and hard to process with hand tools.
It\'s cheap. ÂBirch (yellow birch)
: Birch is a common hardwood floor for all aspects of the furniture structure.
The wood is light yellow and brown, and the color and texture are very similar to the maple tree.
The grain is very delicious. Birch is close-grained.
Moderate price.
This hardwood floor, often called white walnut, is similar in many ways to walnuts.
The wood is light brown and occasionally has dark or red stripes.
The pronunciation and leaves of this grain.
Thick white walnut-
Texture, obviously open pores;
It\'s usually full.
Butternut stains are good and often get dirty and look like dark walnuts.
The wood is light and easy to use hand tools.
Moderate price. Cedar (
Oriental Red Cedar)
: Cedar, a cork, used mainly in the chest and closet;
It has a unique smell that works well in repelling insects.
The wood is light red with slight stripes and knots;
The grain is very delicious. Cedar is close-grained.
It should not be bleached or dyed.
The interior of the cedar storage box should remain unfinished and the exterior should be treated with a clear finish.
Cedar is affordable. Cherry (black cherry)
: Cherry is one of the most valuable hard wood for fine furniture and cabinets.
Its color ranges from light brown to dark red brown, and it has a unique texture that is very attractive, usually with clear spots.
Very close to Cherry
Particles, no packing is required.
Sometimes color is highlighted with light stains.
It\'s hard to work with hand tools and expensive. Elm (
American elm Stone)
This hard wood has excellent bending properties;
It is used for all kinds of furniture, especially for Bentwoods.
The Elm is light brown to dark brown, usually with some red stripes, and the Elm has obvious texture;
Light and dark contrast of stone elm-areas.
Because elm disease in the Netherlands destroys so many trees, Elm trees have become a rare wood that is hard to find and expensive. Gum (
Red Gum, sweet gum)
: This hard wood is usually used for single boards or in combination with rare wood;
It is also used for some moderately priced furniture.
Gum is a uniform brown with a red cast;
It sometimes has deep stripes.
The price is from low. Hickory (
Walnut Tree)
: This hard wood is known for its strength, hardness and toughness;
Used for rock, Windsor chairs, lawn furniture and some veneers.
The wood is brown to reddish brown with a straight, blurry texture; it is open-grained.
Hickory is hard and heavy, and it is difficult to operate with hand tools.
Moderate price. Lauan (
Red Laian, white Laian)
It\'s a mahogany look.
Similarly, it is used for cheaper furniture grades;
Often sold as Philippine mahogany.
The color of the wood ranges from brown to dark red, with a ridge-like texture pattern similar to true mahogany.
Red Labor is more expensive than white labor. Mahogany (
New World Redwood, African Redwood)
: This hardwood floor is one of the most precious furniture wood in the world, and is a traditional favorite of exquisite furniture.
It is also widely used for veneers.
The color of mahogany ranges from medium brown to dark red-
Brown and dark red;
This grain is very special and very attractive.
Very expensive. Maple (sugar maple)
: Maple is a solid, dense, attractive hard wood for furniture and butcher\'s.
The color is light brown and is cast in red;
The grain is usually straight, but it also happens to the bird.
Pattern of eyes, curls or waves.
Maple is difficult to use hand tools and is usually expensive. Oak (
Red Oak, White Oak)
: This rich hard wood has been valued for its strength and attractive texture;
Widely used for veneer of solid furniture and modern furniture.
White Oak is a rich gray-brown color;
Red Oak is similar, but it is obviously red.
Both types of oak have a distinct texture, with visible rays or stripes.
The wood is open. grained.
Moderate price;
Red Oak is usually cheaper than white oak.
Pecans: This southern hardwood floor is very strong and is widely used in catering and office furniture;
Pecan veneers are also common.
The wood ranges from light brown to red brown with some dark stripes;
This grain is very obvious.
It is difficult to process wood with hand tools;
Moderate price. Pine (white pine)
: This cork is widely used in colonial furniture and is one of the basic wood of modern furniture;
It is used for almost all types of furniture and is the main wood used for unfinished furniture.
Wood varies from cream to yellow
Brown with distinct growth rings; it is close-grained.
It\'s cheap. Poplar (yellow poplar)
: Poplar is a medium soft hard wood for cheap furniture and more expensive wood.
The wood is yellow-brown and has a unique green color;
The grain was subdued.
Poplar near-grained wood.
The stain is very good.
Poplar trees are lighter and easier to use hand tools.
It\'s cheap.
Mahogany: This unique Cork is mainly used for outdoor furniture;
It has resistance to decay and insects and is rarely done.
The wood is dark red and brown. good.
Obvious growth ring.
Moderately hard, easy to work with hand tools;
Its prices vary from region to region. Rosewood (
Red sandalwood in Brazil, India or Ceylon)
This kind of hardwood floor like mahogany is one of the best quality and most valuable furniture wood.
It is also used for veneers.
The color of Rosewood ranges from dark brown to dark purple, with rich strong black stripes.
Rosewood is hard to use with hand tools and very expensive. Satinwood (
Sandingwood, East India)
: Satinwood has always been considered a quality hardwood floor and has also been used for decorative mosaics and mosaics.
Its color ranges from bright golden yellow to dark yellow brown with very unique and attractive mottled or ribbon --Striped pattern.
Very expensive.
Sycamore: This hardwood floor is widely used for cheap furniture and veneer;
It is very split-resistant and a favorite piece of wood for butchers.
The color of the wood ranges from pink to red brown, with prominent light and tight intervals;
The lines are clear.
Working with manual tools is fairly easy and affordable.
Teak: Teak is one of the first choice for solid wood furniture, traditionally used for solid wood and veneer.
Teak varies from gold to gold
Yellow to dark brown with dark and light stripes.
This is very expensive. Walnut (
Black walnut (European walnut)
: Walnuts are traditionally used for high-end furniture, and there is still demand today;
Usually used for veneers.
Walnuts are chocolate brown, sometimes with dark or purple stripes;
Its grain is very noticeable.
Very expensive.
Other wood: Although most of the furniture is made from wood listed above, many other wood is used in the furniture structure.
Some of the other wood used for furniture are alder, Apple, Aspen, chestnut, cotton, Cypress, fir, Park, hemlock, Holly, koa, Laurel,
Wood, spruce, Tupelo and willow trees.
All wood is treated according to the obvious features of the wood.
A piece of furniture has many clues that can help you evaluate what kind of wood quality is used in its creation.
The key is to know how to evaluate the wood and what clues to look.
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