a few simple rules when looking at purchasing a combination lock

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
A password lock is a lock in which a sequence of numbers or symbols is used to open the lock, not the key.
Typically, the sequence of numbers or symbols used is an arrangement rather than a real combination, which can be entered by using a single rotary dial (
Interact with several discs or cams)
Or a set of rotating discs engraved with numbers or symbols (
Directly interact with the locking mechanism itself).
First of all, we will look at multiple dial locks, one of the simplest combined locks.
These are usually used in low-safety situations, such as bicycle locks, which have several rotating discs with gaps inside.
The lock is fixed by a pin with several teeth on it, and then hooks the disk that rotates around it.
Therefore, the lock can be opened when the disc and notch are aligned with the tooth of the pin.
Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this type of lock is that it is considered to be one of the least secure combination lock types available today.
The opening of this lock can be done without combination, all depending on the slight irregularities that will occur during the processing of the lock part.
So unless the lock is a machine (
Sales pulled outward)
Then you may find that one of the teeth will pull more strongly than the other teeth on its corresponding disk.
Once the disc is rotated and a slight click can be heard, this tells people that the teeth have been placed in the correct notch, therefore, this process can be repeated with other remaining disks, resulting in the lock being opened (
The right combination can be found in such a lock in a very short time).
And then we\'re here-
A dial lock can usually be found on a padlock or safe, usually using only one dial and then interacting with several parallel discs or cams.
This lock usually rotates the dial clockwise to the first number, then clockwise to the second number, and so on until the last number is reached.
Usually, there is a dent or notch on the Cam inside the lock, and only when the correct combination is entered and the notch or notch is aligned can the lock be installed to open their lock.
Of course, these types of combo locks are usually more secure than multiple dial locks, but they also have some weaknesses.
Of course, the early combination padlock made of the main lock can be opened by pulling the dismount and turning the dial until it stops, so that each number involved in the lock combination can be displayed.
However, the latest model of the main padlock now has 40-
Position dialing, which has a weakness, gives the last number in the lock combination, and the first two numbers of the lock have a mathematical relationship with this number.
Due to this weakness, it reduces the possible number of combinations that a person can try to open from 64,000, not 100, which causes the lock to open in a very short period of time.
Unfortunately, a cheap padlock is also not a solution, as these padlocks are generally vulnerable to shocks, which is often used to release the dismount without an actual input combination.
There are many other designs to choose from, and many door locks now use a password lock system that requires the user to enter a sequence of numbers on the keyboard for them to enter.
However, this lock usually requires the use of an effective electronic circuit.
But one of the main advantages of such a system is that if it is used for doors in large offices, then each staff member can get access to the number they need, thus eliminating the use of providing them with keys that may be lost or stolen.
The only real drawback of this type of lock is that if the code number of the entry is found by someone not hired by the company, or if the number is not changed regularly, then the intruder can get access to the property (
Like a thief).
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