a brief history of door knobs and door handles

by:DIgao     2020-06-21
Most people think the door handle is always there.
This is not the case.
In fact, door handles, door handles, and even cabinet handles are quite modern inventions.
It is not clear who was honored for inventing them.
These are just some information that some people know.
Days without doors know the history of \"how\"to-keep-the-door-
Technology can be traced back to the past.
References about them can be found in the Bible, just read through it and you will find references about the forbidden gates and gates.
It can be said that wooden or iron bars are the predecessor of modern door handles.
However, its main purpose is to lock the door.
For the sake of clarity, the lock and key already exist during this time.
However, locks and keys are used mainly on the case, not on the door.
The use of locks on the door eventually caught up, but they were expensive at the time.
To effectively open and close the door, people came up with the latchstring.
The latch was developed by poorer people who couldn\'t afford to buy more expensive locks at the time.
But as the house gets bigger, the latch
String and bar technology is too big, too much trouble, not practical.
Simple wooden pegs were used to open and close the doors during the Greek period.
This can be considered the first door.
Use a simple mechanism to keep the closing technology of the door closed.
However, archaeological research cannot clearly prove that these were invented by the Greeks, no matter how clever they were at the time.
On 1878, a man named Osbourn Dorsey applied for the first official patent for the door handle.
History behind Mr.
Dorsey is not clear.
All he knows about this man is that he\'s an African.
American inventor
Is he a slave or a free slave?
No one really knows.
Whether he pursued the patent or sold it to someone else is unclear.
No matter who invented it, one should thank the man who invented the modern door handle and the door handle, even the woman.
We should not forget how these things make our lives simpler and safer.
Imagine a world where people hold up heavy iron bars to lock their doors and thank the world for not being there anymore.
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