6 simple door lock mistakes that could have been avoided

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
Buying a door lock sounds simple, but people who buy a door lock often make some basic mistakes that could have been avoided.
Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid.
Many robberies can be prevented if there are proper locks.
Too fancy: you might be inspired by Sci
Fi movies buy the best digital door locks, but be sure to take a look at what other users think about the installation process first.
The more complex the lock, the more difficult the installation process may be.
The last thing you want is a fancy lock that doesn\'t work at all.
Finally, most contractors don\'t know how to properly install complex locks, so be sure to do a good job of researching them before hiring them.
Regardless of weather conditions: Do you know that extreme weather conditions sometimes require some type of door lock?
Extreme weather conditions can sometimes cause the door to deform, leaving the door unlocked.
Not so good cheap lock
When encountering extreme weather, there may be loose screws or moving plates in the works. Weather-
Explosion-proof lock like All-
Weather machinery keyless latch can withstand extreme weather conditions in summer and winter.
These locks are usually waterproof and do not require a battery, with push-button codes.
Too cheap: The problem with cheap locks is that they are easily \"bumped\" or even taken apart by trained thieves.
Don\'t sacrifice quality for price.
Most of the time, cheap locks made of poor quality materials will not be used for a long time.
Find at least two-level locks.
Unsafe: The front door requires the highest security for every home or institution.
The latch has the highest level of safety in all door locks as they do not contain springs.
Technological advances make it possible to achieve higher levels of security by adding features such as built-inAlarm system.
Schlage Connect century touch screen bolt with built-in
In Alarm combines the strength and durability of the bolts with technology and automation.
This door lock has an ANSI class 1 safety rating and is considered to be the most durable and secure for residential safety.
Not suitable for the design of your door: you may want to install this stylish and exquisite door lock in your home, but is this design actually suitable for your door?
A common mistake some people make when buying a new door lock is that they forget the design and layout of the door.
For classical and retro doors, the best addition is probably the bronze door
Dynasty hardware RID and other color locks-HER-100-
RichCrest 12PL front door Handleset.
The aging oil friction bronze finish of this door lock set helps to achieve the rustic style and nostalgic atmosphere of each family.
Do not check your door material: some door locks require a specific door or material.
Sometimes the lock is only for solid core doors and is not compatible with existing glass or steel doors.
The last thing you want to do is to have to change your door to take advantage of your newly bought lock.
For example, the popular Samsung digital door lock SHS-
The P718 fingerprint push-pull two-way pin can be mounted on a solid door, but not on a fiberglass or metal door with foam filler.
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