23rd annual cabinet & case goods product review: more than 100 styles of hardware, cabinet doors, drawers and accessory items are highlighted.

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
Knob, pull, handle Hafele American company. offers oil-
Bronze decorative hardware in various shapes and sizes.
The handle and knob are made of zinc.
Hafele said customers can choose from matching handles and knobs as well as larger handles for electrical appliances or other large door and drawer applications. 147 (800)423-3531 www. hafeleonline.
Com Horton brass\'s new catalogue highlights the various styles of copy furniture and cabinet hardware produced by the company from 1650 to the beginning of 1900.
The company has also expanded production lines for hand-forged iron products. 148 (800)754-9127 www. horton-brasses.
Com building products from Outwater\'s retro hardware range include pull, knobs, latches, hinges, door rings, and switch boards.
They are forged from solid brass or iron 149 (800)835-4400 www. outwater.
Doug mockter\'s shark fin molded plastic hooks are one of many new hooks, hangers, pulls, etc.
Available in a variety of wild, aggressive, passive and modern colors.
These and other products are highlighted in the company\'s new 300-page catalog. 150 (800)523-1269 www. mockett.
Sugatsune\'s new collection handles feature a natural finish that returns to antique furniture.
Sugatsune also offers brass, stainless steel and aluminum hard products. 151 (800)562-5267 www. sugatsune. com The J. G. Edelen Co.
Offers New knobs and pulls in a variety of textures and styles.
The company also sells furniture legs, mirror hangers, cover holders, hooks, hinges and table legs.
The items are made of various materials including steel, die cast zinc, brass and wood. 152 (410)918-1200 or (276)647-8251 www. jgedelen.
The Com Pa\' marco import \'product catalog contains information about its knobs and pull forces.
The hardware includes modern and traditional styles of metal, solid brass, acrylic, wood, stainless steel and 15 European railings of different lengths, designed to fit the cabinet door size of 12 in. to 48 in. 153 (800)726-2726 www. pamarco.
Com Valendrawers offers new
Crafts collection of handles and knobs.
The company said the parts were very concerned about the details, including casting double artificial screw heads at both ends of the handle bracket.
The series is made of matte nickel and is available in a variety of sizes. 154 (800)334-4825 www. valendrawers.
Com Hinges A & M Hardware provides mechanism Hinges for covering doors with 270 [degrees]
Swing and 2 3/4 Rt. high.
Stock hinge holds 3/4in. or 5/8-in.
Thick doors and g-in. or g-in.
Thick side plate.
Finishes include satin-plated chrome and antique brass, as well as brass powder-
Chrome and black. 155 (717)664-Blum Inc. 4559
Introduced Cam height-
Clamp hinge adjustment adapter plate for simplified face mounting
The company said the frame cabinet door.
With the new cam plate, turn it a little bit and adjust the height of the door [+ or -]2mm.
Plate in 0-, 3-, 4. 5-
Or 6 ROM version. 156 (800)438-6788 www. blum.
The Optimat series of Hettich\'s fully adjustable face frame hinges are made in the United StatesS.
From strong steel. Tim one-piece, Optimat-
The specifications of 3 include: opening angle 110 【degrees], 1/8 in.
Gap between frame and door, diameter of 35rom drill hole and height adjustment]+ or -]7. 5mm. 157 (800)438-8424 www. hettichamerica.
Terry\'s hinges and hardware are available for threeknuckle, non-
Insert pin, mechanism hinge of cabinet.
It is equipped with a radius angle and knuckles and is approved by WIC and meets the ANSI/BIFMA a156 class. 9. 158 (800)228-3779 www. terryhinge.
Com Grass provides TEC 864-sided frame hinges with Cam depth adjustment. The one-
Hinge and base-
Six-way adjustment of plate combination features, opening angle 105 [degree]
Cup drill depth 10.
5mm, door thickness from 13 ROM to 19mm. 159 (800)334-3512 www. grassusa.
Com Salice has introduced a hinge designed for heavy molding, lip doors or doors that require shallow drilling depth. It has a 9mm-
Deep Cup, 35mm cup size, 110 【degree]
Open, available for a range of applications from full coverage to embedding.
The drilling distance of the hinge ranges from 3mm to 18mm. 160 (800)222-9652 www. saliceamerica.
C85 series concealed hinges from Ferrari USAdelivers six-
Adjustment of the full coverage box cabinet.
Series of offers :【+ or -]2mm side-to-
Side adjustment by T-screw; -0mm/+3mm in-and-
Adjustment by Cam output; and [+ or -]3mm up-and-
Adjust downward with the fixing screw.
They\'re at 1/4-in. and 1 7/16-in. overlays. 161 (800)406-2224 www. ferrariamerica.
Custom Service hardware has two new ball bearings
Lengthened drawer slide with 1-in. overtravels. They have 200-
The rated load capacity of 1b is 18 in. and feature 32-
Stamping hole pattern. One is self-
Closed, another pause-
The company said the shutdown could prevent a rebound. 162 (800)882-0009 www. cshardware.
Weather model CH3832-Com Accuride-Slippery.
The stainless steel components, combined with special coatings, provide 8 times more protection than the normal zinc finish, Accuride said.
The CH3832 offers 100lb rated load, lever disconnect, full extension and earn drawer adjustments. 163 (562)903-0200 www. accuride.
Dynamic FFD 831 full-
Mepla provides extension, base slide-Alfit.
The slide, the company says, is an economic solution that allows users to fully enter the drawer. 164 (800)456-3752 www. mepla-alfit.
According to the company, the new Blumotion designed by com Blum for double concealed runners will always be closed slowly, smoothly and quietly.
Blum added that even the fully loaded drawer would be gently closed so that the item would not be disturbed. 165 (800)438-6788 www. blum. us Grace Mfg.
DuraGlide drawer slides are available.
The company said 3/4 expansion of the center
The installation slide is suitable for housing cargo.
High utilization of patent design
Density polymer bearing with overall output
The company said it stopped providing smooth, exclusive drawer movements. 166 (800)247-2239 www. duraglide.
The center of kenlin
Install Rite Trak drawer guide system parts with permanent lubrication, friction-
The company said it was free to move, actively stop and guarantee for life.
Construction of steel guide and runway according to customer specifications. 167 (847)831-2300 www. kenlin1.
Cabinet door-
The creative profession provides the new application molding door style of i0.
Watford in Cherry Select, Charleston in Walnut Select, Augustine in Alder Select, high pointe display in pink birch panel and Maple Select. 168 (877)433-2673 www. decore.
Com St. George\'s door offers arc doors of various convex or concave styles.
There are a wide variety of doors including: maple, walnut, cherry, oak and birch. 169 (800)463-2220 www. saint-georgesdoors.
Com Horizon CNC products offer 32 frameless cases.
Cabinet in 3/4-manufacturingin.
Melamine and HPL
The company offers fixed cabinet doors and accessories with tf, medium fiber board and solid wood. 170 (800)768-1495 www. horizon-cnc.
Custom built doors in Com Valley
Make cabinet products including elevated panel doors, tuxedo drawers and re-finish products.
In addition to cabinets, Valley hotel provides fireplace enclosures. 171 (800)236-8981 www.
Valleycustom door.
Com White Oak Custom Woodworking makes a wide variety of mid-slim board doors in a variety of styles.
The company said it placed solid colors on solid wood to help prevent the paint from cracking. 172 (905)669-0168 www. pegasusveneer.
Com ladder solid wood cottage series
Style doors for Maple, cherry, Red Oak and paint grade are available and can be ordered for unfinished or pre-prepared
Done in natural, dyed or solid colors.
Doors can be made of flat plates or glass can be prepared at the back of the grid. 173 (717)299-6288 www. keystonewood. com U. S.
Custom finishes expand the stock of medium fiber board doors and provide supporting support for many hot foil products including Panolam and Georgia
Pacific melamines.
There are 9 foil colors to match with the back of the matching, including mahogany, back
Sycamore Trees, fusion Maple, brandy fruit trees, wild apples and three kinds of cherries. 174 (770)271-1266 www. uscustomized.
A new brochure from Walzcraft Industries details the style of the door, finishes, stains, wood type, choice of door, front of drawer, tuxedo box, accessories, valves, molded wall panels, access doors wait. 175 (608)781-6355 www. walzcraft.
Com Precision Wood Products offers a wide range of cabinet doors that are cut to a certain length before being manufactured.
In addition, the company says it has various types of flat cabinet doors with a standard turnaround time of 10 days. 176 (800)582-
8870 Richmond wood products hardwood floors, wood products and pre-processing
Finish dyeing and painting of furniture parts.
Kitchen Cabinet doors include maple doors, doors, and Mitter doors. 177 (905)857-
1033 Kanas Dogg Wood professional
Four new doors and a drawer front are available.
The products include wood alder, cherry, pecan and red oak.
Through knots, the bark of the Crown and mineral stripes. 178 (717)445-6701 www. conestogawood.
The brochure of Com Meridian Products \'shows its door style, wood Products and accessories in a variety of finishes.
Meridian offers more than 90 door styles, a variety of wood types, and more than 30 finishes. 179 (888)355-7361 www. Amy products.
Com Inox provides stainless steel cabinet doors and components for tea rooms, store fixtures or accent panels.
The thickness of the door is 3/4. , [+ or -]1/16 in.
Standard and custom sizes are available. 180 (631)586-1599 or (973)227-8365 www. inoxgroup.
Com Omega Wood Products offers a range of new cabinet doors in solid Wood and Wood veneers.
The company offers a variety of styles and varieties. 181 (416)740-
The 0206 enkebow design offers a minus-cover panel that provides a seamless look for the door.
In addition to the company\'s Acanthus pattern, designers can also mix and match existing panels with grape, oak, leaves, flowers, shells and linenfold patterns. 182 (800)745-5507 www. enkeboll.
Com Foremost Wood Products produces door and rail door components for doors and windows, thin cut Wood, wall doors and custom Wood grilles.
A brochure details its product and size. 183 (718)447-
5836 Covolam
A new generation of products: a variety of wood varieties to choose from.
The panels were designed for the kitchen, vanity or interior doors, the company said.
This panel can also be used in the furniture industry. 184 (450)261-8289 www. covolam.
The Com Cal Door offers rope forming and radius doors.
For ease of installation, the company said, the latter can order the complete track and Crown styling. Pictured (1 to r)
It is the southern tarkot of Maple Grove, the Sheffield radius of Red Oak and the Hartford of Cherry. 185 (408)846-9805 www. caldoor.
Com Arkansas wooden door uses a stone cabinet box to provide a Stonehenge RTA cabinet with no frame or face frame style.
To replenish the cabinets, various door styles and wood types can be provided, the company said. 186 (479)968-5486 www.
The company specializes in solid wood drawers and plywood drawers.
A wide variety of products are custom made, including hard maple, cherry, Birch, walnut and red oak. 187 (877)368-
8245 Valendrawers offers a solid mountain ball drawer with a handle on the front.
Assembled or ready-to-
When assembling, the drawer can be supplied with a swallow tail or Chuck and a drill-hole carpentry with a thickness of 16mm or 13mm on the front, side and back.
All components have 12-step, seven-
Polyester finish. 188 (800)334-4825 www. valendrawers.
Atlantic hardware
The Alubox of aluminum drawer system is introduced. The full-
Extended, invisible slides have self
Turn off the device and be compatible with 32nml sys terns.
The side of the drawer is made of sturdy aluminum profiles, equipped with a reinforced rib and a quick connection element that is easy to assemble, the company said. 189 (800)458-
1144 Outwater offers RTA drawers and door components that can be manufactured to user specifications and shipped within three to five business days, the company said.
Solid mountain wool ball, birch plywood and PVC-
The format of the packing crusher board, the drawer is equipped with 1/4-in. color-
Free matching melamine drawer bottom. 190 (800)631-8375 www. outwater.
Com drawers everywhere from Mod-U-
There are 15 lines of different sizes and colors.
For greater versatility, the company said, wood or laminated surfaces can be attached to the bottom of the plastic drawer.
They can be used to replace wooden or metal drawers in offices, leisure vehicles, hospitals, etc. 191 (419)272-2731 www. mod-u-line.
Com components
Ready. to-
Assemble the frameless cabinet assembly.
There is a wide range of cabinet types and sizes, including 1 cabinet.
The standard width can be used to outsource many materials with drawer, door and hardware options. 192 (888)321-8277 www. components-plus.
US com BHK offers 5/8-in.
Thickness, 4-, 6-, 8-and 10-in. heights.
The gaps on both sides and the top and bottom edges are UV finished. There is a 1/4-in.
Bottom Groove, chamfer the top edge to get the finished look.
The building is a solid wood core with veneer covering on the fingers. 193 (800)724-4212 www. bhkofamerica.
There are eight solid Wood types in the drawer of Com Witmer Wood Products, 1/2-in. or 5/8-in. thick sides.
1/16-custom size availablein. increments.
Assemble or knock
Down, the assembly is polished and ready to finish. 194 (800)643-
1158 drawer connection for the production of plywood and melamine dove
Drawer with tail
The company expanded its business and now accepts orders nationwide. 195 (480)917-4887 www. dcdrawers.
The industry of CCF offers drawers that are tightly integrated.
They have soft and hard maple trees, mountain hair trees, red and white oak trees, poplar trees, Baltic birch trees, etc.
Ultrafoil melamines and various plywood edgebanded are also available.
All drawers come with twocoat pre-
Catalytic lacquer system. 196 (800)581-3683 www. ccfdrawers.
Com in addition to the custom cabinet door of the cabinet door store, it also provides half of the final assembly
Blind swallow tail drawer with 9/16-in. -
Thick side material.
The company said it had the most hard wood in stock. 197 (800)297-3667 www. Taxi shop.
The new com literature from the Western swallow tail provides more information about the underlying hardware and has more graphics and photos to identify specific details.
The brochure is 16 pages long. 198 (800)800-3683 www. drawer.
In addition to white, formaldehyde-
Drawer box Pro offers free melamine drawer as standard configuration
Goods in stock, 1/2-in. and 1/4-in.
The preferred corner is nailed, but the pinned corner can also work, DBS said. 199 (800)422-9881 www. dbsdrawers. com Storage-
The associated hardware custom accent introduces a new simple storage drawer.
The company says it combines the functions of hanging files with pencil drawers in one unit.
A snapshot CD holder for a custom account can be added for media storage.
The device is equipped with a black ball bearing slider. 200 (847)640-4732 www. customaccents.
Kaba Ilco\'s Simplex 5000 lock comes with a new clutch
Free Design and Casting stainless steel internal drive parts.
Locks accept standard keys for 15 major industries-
In the knob cylinder, the facility manager is able to maintain the master-
Security system. 201 (800)849-8324 www. kaba-ilco.
The Twister corner cabinet storage system of Com Haifele features a solid melamine bottom on the shelf, sealed around, steel around, chrome platedduty wire.
The shelves are fully adjustable and can be in a full circle or D-
Shelf options in shape. 202 (800)423-3531 www. hafeleonline.
Com CompX Timberline makes compression mounting bolt locks for double wing glass doors.
Matched with the existing CompX Timberline phase lock, they are installed at 1/4-in. to 5/16-in.
Thick glass door.
The lock has bright nickel, brass and satin nickel finish. 203 (800)562-5227 www. compxnet.
The Com grass\' Vario voltage divider system is an interchanging drawer voltage divider system that can accommodate drawers up to 635mm wide;
For wider or deeper drawers, the kit can be combined or stacked.
The partition is made of solid birch or painted white. 204 (800)334-3512 www. grassusa.
Decoration style and styling of classic Glass Company
Offers eight clear, textured, art glass patterns of different sizes.
Glass is customized to specifications and stitched for safe handling.
Lead glass, stained glass and decorative cutting, stainless steel plug-in are also available. 205 (800)279-6933 www. cgcstudios.
Osborne wood products
Added another bull leg to its cabinet accessories range.
Cherry, oak and soft skin; maple. 206 (800)849-8876 www. osbornewood.
Com Frigo Design provides relief stainless steel kitchen surface for the back
Countertops, cabinet doors and tiles.
The design includes leather texture, hammering, weave, vertical stripe and bark.
Frigo\'s new tailgate is pre-
Stick to 1/4-in.
Base plate against wave wall surface.
Frigo says there are dents and scratches on the surface and there are glare-
Reduce appearance. 207 (800)836-8746 www. frigodesign.
Com decoration products launched five series of cabinet carving.
The series includes three sizes of corbels, high inlays, and 8-
Ft is carved with hard maple, cherry, red oak or resin. 208 (800)476-7255 www. ornaprod.
The LaKor edge used by Com Kuehn Bevel for countertops combines solid surface edges and accent bands in a variety of selected laminate, wood veneer or metal.
The company said the decorative strips were coordinated to replenish cabinets, floors and appliances. 209 (800)862-3835 www. kuehnbevel.
Roland BoltonLtd.
Decoration, corner, Bay and base molding are provided.
Decorated in a variety of sizes, shapes and wood, including pine, oak and white hardwood floors. 210 (819)358-4112 www. boulanger. qc.
Ca ITW Plastiglide offers high profile bumper T-
Molded from wearVinyl resistant.
ITW says the model can endure a difficult day. to-day wear.
It is available in various sizes and colors. 211 (310)885-
4500 JMS Wood Products \'details the design and production of its rope molding, columns and turns, including its new rope accent series.
The series includes profiles and offers ht oak, maple, poplar and cherry. 212 (818)709-8674 www. Jmswoodproducts.
Com KitchenExtras introduces \"no trouble\" cabinet accessories and molding for kitchen cabinets.
Interior Cabinet accessories include pantry, door storage and base.
External accessories include table stand, Wine Rack, plate frame and various decorative molding. 213 (866)548-3667 www. kitchenextras.
Com hardware resources provide design Wood lines for ropes and tooth dies.
The mold is 1/2-in. , 5/8-in. , and 1-in. sizes.
Hardware Resources said the styling was made in oak, maple, cherry, alder wood and ash wood. 214 (800)463-0660 www.
Hard resources. Com Klise Mfg.
It has more than 50 patterns in its engraved rope molding line.
Diameter from 3/16. to 2 3/4 in.
Depends on the mode.
Configuration includes: full, half, four, three-
Round, flat on one or both sides. 215 (616)459-4283 www. klisemfg.
Matthew Burak\'s com classic design offers 6-in.
The company said the long-angle apron allows users to make tables without a continuous apron limit.
The apron is decorated and pre-
Used to connect holes at the top. 216 (800)843-7405; www. tablelegs.
Com fasteners Deerwood Fasteners provide WoodMax wood screws with countersunk head nibs and patented jagged tooth lines.
The company says they offer huge breaking torque and less splitting compared to traditional wood screws. 217 (704)875-9729 www. deerwood.
For 15 years, S & G Professional fasteners have provided a variety of fasteners for the woodworking industry.
The quickserews.
Com website provides customersto-
Date information, catalog download, QuickScrews reseller list, industry news and links. 218 (800)743-6916 www. quickscrews.
According to the company, the com hardware concept offers a range of plastic connecting pins at prices similar to those of wooden positioning pins.
The hardware concept added that the pin was designed to hold the panels together without glue. 219 (305)685-1101 www.
Hardware concept.
Custom Services hardware
Said its face frame screw eliminates the split.
The screw is drilled in its own guide hole.
They have a quick line, smooth handle, no.
The company says the 2 square drive and the sharper 17 aug er point. 220 (800)882-0009 www. cshardware.
American company.
Says the Rafix spread Bolt is covered with a plastic case and has a plug
Install to pre-
5 ROM holes were drilled without tools.
The stop device on the plastic pin ensures that the Bolt is positioned correctly.
When the connector is tightened, the harpooned thread pin positions the bolt in the hole. 221 (800)423-3531 www. hafeleonline.
According to the company, com CabParts provides confirmed screw assemblies, screws and pin assemblies that do not require bonding or clamping, thereby minimizing labor, overhead and funding requirements
Confirmat is specially designed for work
Field case assembly. 222 (970)241-7682 www. cabparts.
Com EdgeCo introduction EeeZeeCover strippingand-
Screw cover.
They offer more than 1,400 hl-
20 kinds of wood and 5 kinds of metal materials.
Custom color requirements can be shipped within 24 hours. 223 (800)644-6449 www. edgecoinc.
Com electronics and computer hardware Wood Technology\'s TV pull-out power slide rotating device carries a load of 225 on its steel ball bearing slide.
The unit extends 13 3/4.
And the design is very impressive. 224 (800)231-9522 www. woodtechnology.
Sports furniture
Re mote with Wesley Bober collection-
Sports furniture.
The well-designed home theater and entertainment center offer a television.
They carried out the furniture.
The bar, computer and other options, as well as the full remote control function, are more features. 225 (610)328-
The 6911 micro plastic company offers open wiring pipes.
It offers open and closed design, gray, highimpact, self-
Fire Fighting PVC with removable snapon covet\'.
There are 12 sizes for the solenoid with a maximum operating temperature of 120 [degrees]. 226 (870)453-2261 www. microplastics.
Com desk base at Indiana processing company
Provides a range of solid wood bases with laminated countertops for the office furniture industry.
There are 24 at the top. to 48 in.
There are various edges in diameter.
The base has two styles to accommodate the top. 227 (812)723-3159 www.
Classical wood products.
Com Gibraltar\'s Transformer 2 tubular \"T\" base Series offers two separate height ranges, one of about 8.
And about 11 7/8 others.
The shorter one covers the range of sit-down work heights that evade ADA requirements, while the higher one includes sit-down and stand-up work heights. 228 (616)748-4857 www. gbproducts.
The Com geometry provides small wood cylinders.
The company says it\'s light.
Weight 1/8-in.
There are a variety of applications.
Pipes are available in 1-1in. to 6-in.
A diameter of 8 ft in length and fitted with an external veneer. 229 (800)331-
7689 Gilmore
Make wood and veneer table bases, temporary tables, conference tables, components and finished products. 230 (616)475-5100 www.
Com Miscellaneous Grass offers two versions of the cabinet door lift: The automatic lift lifts the door up to full height in one action, and the friction lift can stop at any desired open position.
The grass lift is suitable for the height of the door from 10% to 25. 231 (800)334-3512 www. grassusa.
Northway Industries offers contract manufacturing services including custom components and packaging. The company uses CNC machining to make its components. 232 (570)837-1564 www. northwayind.
The steel wire gate controlled by the Rockford process is ideal for manual meters and unified storage as well as other commercial uses.
Wire grid doors are available in standard and custom sizes and feature durable powder coated finishes in a variety of color options. 233 (815)966-2000 www. Rockford process.
Com north Masss says its surface treatment products can be done or updated with cabinets as easily as 1, 2, 3: 1
The user can peel, paste and trim one from the PSA of three stock sizes
The backing foil of the existing cabinet box; 2)pliable paper-
Norlam with backing can be placed at the end of the box; and 3)
Items can be done by matching Hot foil doors, drawer front and cuttingto-
Size of toe kick and shelf. 234 (866)344-8132 www.
Outline of the North.
Classic, country and rocking bed range hoods from Com national products are made of red oak, maple, pecan, Cherry hard wood and veneer.
Available in 30 and 36-in.
Width, they are ready to finish.
Decoration can be provided. 235 (800)228-5276 www.
National products.
The horizontal com offers two lines of desktop stand, cantilever and its reliable Desktop Connector.
It is reported that the cantilever has a variety of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from and adds user space available.
The Surelock line can be connected to any table. They are hand-
Activate and hide the transaction table when not in use. 236 (800)445-4337 www. onthelevel.
Net Patrick and Weller Limited.
Full machined parts for Cherry, red and white oak are provided, hard and have maple and ashes.
It provides edge glue plates, cutting stock and molding for furniture, kitchen cabinets, stairs, store fixtures and flooring industries. 237 (716)699-2393 www. fitzweller.
Global stamping company
EZ life model EZ2200B has 【+ or -]15[degrees]
The tilt range and the gap of 8. above to 7 in.
Below the working surface.
The company said that the elevator hides all the activation and connection cables and removes the clamp points during operation.
It added that for a secondary working surface less than 48 in, the lift meets the BIFMA rated load. wide. 238 (519)893-1204 www. globestamping.
The Quietex bumper of Com ITW Fastex is made of polyurethane and is designed to reduce the sound of cabinets and vanity doors.
The company says the material and shape of the bumper helps minimize the sound by securing it inside the bumper. 239 (847)299-2222 www. plastic-fastener.
Various wood components are available for Norwalk wood products.
The company also offers customized CNC router work. 240 (931)432-
4171 panel machining provides a fully finished panel assembly made of medium fiber board, Crusher board and nail board.
There are also new Batten wall functions for panel machining. 241 (800)433-7142 www. panel.
Bainbridge produces shelf stands for cabinets and furniture.
The company says it allows the transportation of products that install shelves, which saves labor and packaging costs.
They have measured and standard peg sizes, as well as various colors and transparent ones. 242 (800)255-4702 www. bainbridgemfg.
Cutting for Com laminate productsto-
Dimensions of laminated components and batten walls.
Its capabilities include CNC wiring and T-moulding. 243 (877)940-9040 www. laminateworks. com Rev-A-
The shelf introduced a heavy
Electric Chrome mixer lift.
With the pull of the shelf, the lifting mechanism raises the mixer to the table top level.
The pull on the release bar allows the lifting mechanism to return the mixer to the cabinet for storage. 244 (800)626-1126 www. rev-a-shelf.
Elevator available at Com tabilus-
O mat with silver metallic finish.
The company says the product offers easy door and lid opening and closing.
Gas spring maintenance-
Free and easy to install, says Stabilus. 245 (800)247-2680 www. stabilus.
Peter Mel.
Equipment lift provided-up.
It swings outward from the base cabinet and enters its final position where it is locked by a security device.
According to the positioning of the mounting bracket, the positioning is either flush with the working face or flush with the bottom. 246 (800)222-6941 www. petermeier.
Free hardware manufacturingCorp.
A designer product line of single wheel and double wheel casters is introduced.
There is a wide selection of design wheels hl aluminum, wood, solid, industrial and clear colored chrome fork finishes to choose from.
Casters are provided with or without brakes. 247 (800)542-3789 www. Free hardware.
Com Adams Wood products add 2 8-in.
The leg of the chair to its line.
Maple, cherry, Red Oak and paint all have legs-grade.
The company also offers a variety of other furniture components. 248 (423)857-2942 www.
Nut products.
Com union plastic processing products provide general plug-in.
The glider is high
Density polyethylene, 3/4 in diameter, has two styles, round and square. to 1 1/16 in.
The alliance also offers a variety of standard insert slip caps and tube finishing caps. 249 (888)867-2737 www.
Complete the product.
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