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by:DIgao     2020-08-14
The old one is new again!
Furniture pieces usually have a name that identifies their placement or use-
For example, the bedside table is a table next to a bed.
However, other objects can provide the same functionality.
Maybe you can replace old or outdated items with an old suitcase or an old filing cabinet by the bed as furniture to change the look of the room.
They also benefit the budget and the environment.
Here are 10 objects from use to useful. 1. Trestle table.
Foldable trestle table is a medieval table, just put a board on the legs of the trestle.
Until the 16th century, when it was replaced, it was still the most common table form (
At least in wealthy families)
Through a stronger and permanent structure.
Although it is still used as a dining room or outdoor table in different forms, the trestle also becomes a great table in the Home Office due to the location of the legs.
As there are already marks and scars on the popular trestle table, more wear will only increase the character. 2. Ladder.
Although traditionally designed to reach a higher plane, ladders can be used to hang tea towels in the kitchen, bath towels in the bathroom, and even quilts or blankets in the bedroom or living room.
Select a ladder with a round profile for a neat display that does not damage the fabric. 3. Wooden crate.
There are various forms of packing crates because their original purpose is to protect the various items during transportation.
Wooden crates are designed to be durable and can last for decades, often with previous marks.
The top surface of the wooden crate can replace the small sideboard, bedside table, coffee table or any other furniture, providing a place to place books and other items. 4. Filing cabinet.
As our lives become more paperless, there are fewer filing cabinets.
But don\'t let those soonto-
Historical items wasted.
They provide excellent storage for many items at home.
This bathroom dresser is made of an old wooden filing cabinet with metal handles.
The white marble top makes the rest of the bathroom look brighter. 5. Locker.
Used to be very common in public places
But a lot less today.
Lockers have been used for storage in places such as schools, workplaces, transportation hubs, and are available in various sizes.
This metal locker used to store a variety of tools and carpentry items such as nails, nuts and bolts.
The door was removed at some point (
You can still see the residual part of the hinge)
Today, there are colorful sports shoes in the locker. 6. Travel trunk.
Nostalgic steamboat suitcases are almost out of date and are gradually replaced by suitcases in the 20th century --
First the handle, then the wheel.
Today, the former suitcase, with its romantic and exotic connotation, combines the dual display of storage and surface.
As a bedside table, coffee table, side table or display, it always looks sophisticated and sophisticated. 7. Console.
The console originated on the 18th-
In the century of France, more and more furniture was designed to meet a specific purpose.
The console should be placed against the wall, and it is usually narrow, so as not to block the channel around it.
Here, it is transformed into an elegant bathroom vanity, neatly placed in a niche, which provides counter space and storage below for towels. 8. Door.
Wooden doors may have limited life as doors, depending on the quality of wood and structure.
However, when a door is no longer needed for the original purpose of protecting and insulating the home, the door can be re-used as a headboard.
Place one door horizontally or two doors vertically to form an unusual feature behind your bed.
Also, look at the lockers and ladders-
This bedroom is a paradise. 9. Drop-leaf table.
First use on the 17th-
British century, drop-
The leaf table has a fixed surface and a surface of one or two hinges.
They are perfect for small spaces and are used in restaurants to take tea and play games.
They can also be easily placed on the wall for surface display when not in use.
Here, a little weird drop
The leaf table is used as a bedside table, and there is plenty of room for the necessities before going to bed. 10. Wood pallet.
The humble wooden plank was introduced in early 1920, and evolved with the development of the forklift, making it easier to lift the goods.
Although they are still used as expected today, they can also be re-used for mattresses or cushions that lift the bed or sofa.
Search for items that need to be re-used, search for salvage yards, used shops, auction houses, websites, real estate sales, etc.
Take the time to find the right thing for your house.
In order for it to fit your home, you may need to do some repair work, but the end result may add personality to the room and leave a little extra cash in your pocket.
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