10 pieces of furniture to turn into a bathroom vanity

by:DIgao     2020-08-13
Rebecca Gross, the bathroom vanity of Houzz ContributorA does not need to come out directly from the store or be provided by the manufacturer or taxi manufacturer.
In fact, thinking outside the square can becomeof-a-
Good vanity with guiding characters and functions.
Sideboard, desk and cabinet
Whether it\'s new or old
All of this can be reused to provide storage and surface space.
10 pieces of furniture have been cleaned up and redesigned to a stylish bathroom vanity. 1.
Blueprints, maps, or art cabinets.
There are shallow drawers stacked in these cabinets to put documents and documents. The one here —
Two sinks wide enough
Customization may be required to increase the depth and functionality of each drawer. 2. Antique bureau.
Usually keep an old table for sitting work.
However, it is adapted to the vanity of the bathroom and helps with a different kind of work: prepare for the day or wash before going to bed.
The sturdy Presidium in this bathroom looks like it is at home, and the drawers on both sides have space to accommodate the sinks and pipes installed on it. 3. Student desk.
This simple table offers everything you need for a bathroom vanity with three side drawers and counter space.
The white under the mounting basin prevents the use of a single drawer, but the granite top with a ledge provides plenty of surface space and protects the wood. 4. Filing cabinet.
As our lives become more paperless, filing cabinets become more outdated.
However, these deep drawers can be used for a wealth of storage space.
This bathroom dresser is made of an old wooden filing cabinet with metal handles.
In addition to the two sinks, the white marble top provides ample surface space. 5.
Stylish credenza.
A buffet or sideboard is the most common piece of long and low furniture in a restaurant or living room.
While it is usually used to store tableware, tablecloths, serving dishes, etc, it provides a lot of functional storage and surface space when it is re-used as a bathroom vanity.
This one has circular design details in contrast to rectangular wall tiles.
Its Tan and wood top add warmth to the room. 6.
Mid-century sideboard.
The style of the sideboard will strongly affect the final vanity.
This medieval sideboard is somewhat narrow in width and has two sliding doors underneath, but it still has enough space to accommodate the countertop.
The retro vanity complements the color palette of the bathroom to make it look soft and modern. 7. Buffet.
This antique buffet is made of dark wood with detailed hardware and has many drawers and doors to hide the pieces of the bathroom.
A turquoise enamel sink is embedded on the top, and its off-
Central positioning allows the pipe to be placed behind a door to ensure that the drawer is still working properly.
See: Everything you need to know about the sinks8 farmhouse. Console.
This antique console is designed to be placed against a wall.
Its depth is shallow so as not to block the surrounding access, which also makes it a great choice for a bathroom with a lot of space.
The console has been turned into a double vanity with a complete countertop suitable for its traditional style. 9.
Table at the altar or hall.
This table from China was transformed into a simple bathroom vanity.
It has a square sink located on top of the surface, suitable for rectangular and geometric wood work details. 10. Sewing table.
The sewing table originated in the 1700 s and was originally used for sewing before the sewing machine appeared.
This sewing machine is an antique machine that is decorative as a bathroom dresser.
A Murano boat sank.
The neck tap increases the height of the vanity while the two drops
Additional surface space is added to the side of the leaf as needed.
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