What should the padlock classification

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Padlock is an anti-theft lock, style such as C, E and SBE, G type laminated locks a variety of standard models, T - The LOCK locks prevent drill, pry proof, it is the master key, shear, torsion, E, SBE, C padlock but also has waterproof, prevent freezing fog function. E and G padlock can provide with functions of shear shields, C type padlock can provide the lock hook shielding, further improve the safety of the padlock anti-theft function. Global patent interactive bead structure, key copper padlock on the activities of beads, with the corresponding activities within a lock bead gun lock effect each other, is technical open Nemesis, is now the mechanical lock the highest security level. E, SBE type and C type padlock lock body for superhard alloy steel raw materials, casings is higher than 56 degrees; G type padlock for the production of zinc alloy, all padlock lock hook for boron or manganese alloy production, can accept 2550 - 10200 kg of shear force, 1530 - 10200 kilograms force pulling force. Very suitable for machinery, equipment, pipes, doors, prison, bank, warehouse, stores, shopping malls, offices, petrochemical, oil truck, toolbox, and contract situations and so on. According to unlock method points: straight padlock, cross padlock ( Also known as the giant padlock) Open, padlock, hang the combination padlock top open the padlock; Refers to the keys at the bottom of the lock, lock lock beam after ( Lock the hook) To the top. Hang the combination padlock; Because with a key to open the padlock for mutual opening rate is higher, especially the scale small padlock, mutual opening rate gao is not applicable. So discussion out of the combination padlock, its characteristic: up to 10000 kinds of combination. According to the raw material 1, stainless steel padlock, such characteristics is the padlock antioxidant ability strong contrast, suitable for outdoor, but because of strong processing difficulty, high cost comparison, domestic use less. 2, copper padlock: lock is the first basic materials of copper, used more throughout the primary have small copper padlock, namely 40 mm the following scale, first is copper contrast is high. 2, iron padlock, use very throughout. A, galvanized iron padlock, table B, grey iron padlock: appearance with gray paint processing, after presenting A lot of colorful padlock, are such. C, imitation copper padlock: actually belong to plating iron padlock, refers to a copper plating 3, the zinc alloy padlock, such padlock by die-casting machine a integrated, high precision. According to the shape points 1, 2 fork lock, chain lock 3, u lock according to the points because the padlock tectonic characteristics, mechanical structure resolution the padlock use convenient and sensitive, use widely. It can replace other locks, and other locks can't replace the padlock play effect, it is a kind of contrast ambition atresia is avoided, but the padlock is necessary and be closed convex shape of the object has a hole hooking talents play a locked-in effect each other, do not have list can be closed and open function, so can't be used in some situations, such as in some decorate sexual request higher or choose the occasion of form a complete set of locks, usually also unfavorable choose padlock. Padlock padlock type and standard of the classification method is more, the scale of the resolution by the width of the lock body often locks, according to the lock beam locks the use of high and low resolution, according to the padlock straight away, cross, the top open, double open open method resolution locks series, etc. We commonly used padlock usually choose straight away, cross two methods of open open. As the key into the lock key slot, does not need to rotate can upward out of lock, known as the 'lock', such a padlock is especially applicable to have a baby or with wreaths unfavorable put items open people use. 'Double open the padlock' refers to the open when the two keys work, ability to open lock, its secrecy function is strong, suitable for two person, two people together to open locks, such as warehouse, silver library, etc. Padlock besides the open method ( Straight away, open, open, double open) Classification, we can also according to padlock the inherent structural classification, there are more than several rare: 1, billiard class constructing such locks padlock using cylindrical billiard barriers in the lock, rolling, so that the lock can't reach the effect of blocking. Marbles is one of the locks the structure of the commonly used construction. Have a kind of lock lock body is a sheet metal coincide with, give a person the sense with solid solid, known as the 'thousand layer lock', but is also a billiard structure, its internal structure so billiard class constructing padlock. 2 padlock such locks using a variety of shapes, leaf structure of sheet metal barrier effect, play a locked-in intentions, zinc alloy alloy lock or its word often choose this kind of structure. 3 padlock, magnetic structure according to the principle of magnetic repelling each, choose the magnetic lock system, between the lock slot and insurance pin is equipped with a same magnetic plate as the key to constant magnetic metal diaphragm, keys do not contact directly with insurance pin, when no magnetic key groove rotates smoothly into the lock core, key touch the metal plate, strong repulsive force, will easily open the locks. In addition, also use the principle of magnetic attraction, the metal plate tightly, absorption by spring to open the lock. 4, padlock serial structure consists of main lock and pair of lock, the deputy lock has mutual insurance effect, are related to each other. To connect two deputy lock lock master lock, only open and remove the two lock vice, main talents open lock. 5, number structure padlock in locks lock body shell equipment a skateboard body, connected to the hole and slot, portable and rolling, number plate and rolling machine, rolling machine is equipped with teeth or CAM shape metal blade, a scrollable and moving, as long as the accurate number, free to open the locks, this kind of lock without the key.
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