what is computer hardware ? (Its meaning and Types)

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
What is Computer hardware?
This article tries to answer an old question: What is Computer hardware?Computer hardware is a visible part of a computer that enables a computer system to function properly.

operates.Computer hardware consists of various components.For simplicity, we can break it down into surface mounted components and removable components.
There are basically surface mounted parts on the computer motherboard.So we can talk about computer boards and other components.

The circuit board is the same as the computer hardware.That is the so-called system board.It is one of the most important parts of computer system.It accommodates a variety of connection networks for integrated circuits.Other parts of the computer have direct contact with the computer motherboard.
Components such as CPU, RAM, power unit, speaker, etc.There are their slots on the computer board.Although these units are removable, their slots are mounted on the surface.Other surface mounting components include capacitors, resistors, transistors, regulators, etc.
Some surface mounted parts are difficult to replace if damaged.Therefore, care should be taken in the way of transportation and use, especially in terms of power supply.

The central processing unit of a computer is the brain of a computer system.The type of CPU a computer has determines its value.Today, our single core, dual core here-core, quad-core CPU.The speed of the computer is measured in hertz, which determines the speed of the computer.
The CPU consists of arithmetic logic units (ALU), registers, and control units.
The arithmetic logic unit of the CPU is part of the computer\'s brain and is responsible for logical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and calculation analysis of various data processed by the computer.This ensures the accuracy and accuracy of the expected output.
Registers in the CPU are cache memory and temporary data storage units before processing.Retrieve data from this end at a fast speed for processing.As mentioned earlier, it is cached memory, so it is not regular storage like a hard drive.
The control unit of the CPU maintains a control channel for each part connected to the computer.It is responsible for extracting information from the main memory of the computer for processing.The instruction that the control unit explains to the correct execution of the computer.

The ROM of the computer is the first call point when the computer is turned on.It contains the computer manufacturer information displayed immediately after the computer is turned on.The contents of the ROM cannot be changed.
The RAM of a computer is called random access memory.It is the main storage unit of the computer system.The size of RAM is very important because it also determines the speed of the computer.RAM is very fragile, and when the computer is suddenly disconnected from the power supply, it loses the information in it.
The CPU extracts the date used for processing from the RAM for processing at a very high speed.The RAM interface between the hard disk and the processing unit in computer operation.

The hard disk of the computer is a large storage unit.A computer hard drive can store more than 800 GB of data and so on.It depends on its ability.Although it is removable, it is not often removed from the computer.It does not lose data when an unexpected power outage occurs.

The Monitor of the computer is the output unit of the computer hardware.It is the screen that displays the activity of the computer.There are different types of computer monitors.We have regular monitors like TVs (cathode ray tubes) and flat panel displays (LCD.Recently, some plasma TV can realize the function of computer monitor..

The power unit of the computer hardware, also known as the power unit, is responsible for supplying power to the computer.It provides the point where the power cord is connected to the power supply.There are different types of power sets.Each computer manufacturer has a special power unit that may not be suitable for another product of the PC.
When purchasing a computer, it is important to remember the availability of the power unit on the market as a spare part.The power unit is easily damaged due to abnormal surge.It is recommended to use a voltage regulator next to it.

A computer keyboard is an input device for computer hardware.For input of data, information, applications, etc.Enter the computer system.Computer users can contact and use the computer through the keyboard.The keyboard consists of function keys, alphanumeric and digital cursor keys.
Virtual keyboard is the latest technology.Despite this development, some people still prefer the normal physical keyboard.

The computer mouse is also an input device for computer hardware.The mouse consists of a primary key and a primary key, one on the right and the other on the left.The mouse cursor helps to access or navigate to different points on your computer\'s screen.When clicking on any specific section, if a file or program is accessed for any purpose, it will open the execution.
You can even connect your mouse to your laptop if you need it, and if your laptop mouse is faulty, you may also connect to your laptop.

Computer housing is an important part of computer hardware.The case of the computer is unique to the type of computer;Therefore, housing cannot be exchanged if it is not compatible.Shells like computer towers are very common, although the sizes are different.When deciding which type of computer house to buy, the expert\'s opinion should be sought.
We have speakers, USB flash drives, floppy disks and other peripherals.These are the components of computer hardware.
I hope you have a good reading.Comments are welcome.
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