What is ceramic glazed pottery of shake handshandle?

by:DIgao     2020-07-28
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ceramic glazed pottery in the new Stone Age in the shake handshandle. China the first glazed pottery pot was born in hebei region magnetic mountain culture period, about 7000 years ago. Can say pottery and glaze is almost at the same time. Produce culture deep abdominal double red ceramic glaze tanks, using the disc method forming, wheel tyres, feldspar, quartz for high temperature glaze firing. The lower coated with viscous whitewash to prevent leakage. On the glaze color dark parts of shallow vitreous naked many quartz and feldspar crystal bar.

glaze layer has natural decomposition layers, the glaze contains mineral metals sink to tire body, containing plant part of the decomposed mottled surfaces, let us see the whole process of the glaze reduction in nature. Diamond pattern of the warp/weft reticulate, said the quartet to weave together, tolerance is a great. In the Stone Age, the birth of the glaze is the beginning of Chinese cultural cohesion.
but glazed pottery is can't do ceramic handle
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