Wardrobe wardrobe door handle knowledge of hardware

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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as a whole wardrobe popularity, now more and more consumers choose custom wardrobe. Now a lot of furniture brand manufacturers custom furniture with wardrobe door handle, do not need to consumers themselves to go to match. The shake handshandle of every furniture brand manufacturers are varied, chic modelling, material also have multiple choice. But there are some consumers may not be like the shake handshandle of furniture manufacturers to provide, but choose your wardrobe door shake handshandle of choose and buy. But for the wardrobe door handle, many consumers do not understand. Small solid think, no matter when you are in the custom furniture choose the shake handshandle of built-in furniture manufacturer, or to the outside to the choose and buy yourself configuration, wardrobe door handle some classification foundation knowledge, there is a big help, can help you choose the right door handle.
we all know that whole chest plate material is qualitative different, often divided into density board and particieboard, etc. , and the wardrobe door handle the most common is according to the classification of the material. Wardrobe door handle material basically common have a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, crystal, resin, etc. Special a pure silver and pure gold, the price of these natural not appropriate to use the general consumer, we often use, common wardrobe door handle with gold copper handle, zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic handle these, these prices are in general consumer spending limits.
from the above we know that the handle is made from different materials, surface treatment and shake handshandle is also a variety of ways, the shake handshandle of different material surface treatment technology in a different way. If there is mirror polishing stainless steel surface treatment, surface drawing, etc. ; Surface treatment of zinc alloy material generally have galvanized, silver plating, bright chrome plating, paint, etc.
the style of the handle can be according to the shape can be divided into single round type, a single type, double head type, hidden type and other types, different styles are designed to the adornment of the different demand, the shake handshandle of different style decoration effect is different.
with modern household to the understanding of the whole household, modern consumers for the pursuit of individual character, the design of wardrobe style style diversification, wardrobe door handle in order to better match with the wardrobe, the style of the shake handshandle is becoming more and more diversified, shake handshandle, according to the style of the division are contemporary and contracted style, Chinese style antique style, European pastoral, several kinds of Scandinavian style, etc.
handle common specifications are single and double hole handle. Double orifice shake handshandle pitch length is 32 base ratio, on the basis of pitch. Pitch is refers to a handle, the distance between two screw control does not mean is the actual length of chest shake handshandle, common are: the pitch of the pitch of 32, 64, 96 hole distance, the pitch of 128, 160 common specifications such as pitch, the pitch of 192.
these are the wardrobe door handle the classification of knowledge, small make up repetitive to remind everyone: for the collocation of closet door handle, whether to choose furniture manufacturer to bring their own, or their configuration of choose and buy, should be harmony with the wardrobe door integral collocation, style is consistent, as for the material, style, and specification can be according to the personal favorite, or consulting wardrobe designer how to match.
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