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by:DIgao     2020-05-28
On the first day of the CeBIT Hannover exhibition in Germany on 2018, the exhibition was only open to participants and reporters, and was very fortunate to be able to visit and experience new ideas brought about by technological innovation.
Please refer to the following articles to experience the innovative technologies brought about by these creative dreamers.
First, the abig logo with \"cebit\" will be seen in front of the entire exhibition hall, which makes people can\'t wait to enter the hall and find the answer.
Companies and groups from all over the world, from different countries and regions gather here.
What kind of commercial sparks will they collide?
How about electronic products this year?
What kind of novel story does it have?
Let\'s have a look.
Each booth has its own unique style.
There is a good booth that attracts some people to stop. From the pictures displayed and the related text descriptions, it is related to the lock and belongs to the consumer electronics.
When picking up the lock with the \"fipilock\" logo and watching, the products look very delicate and sturdy and the staff will go into details immediately.
According to the person in charge of the visit booth, they are a Chinese company defined as a professional fingerprint lock manufacturer and a fingerprint solution provider.
They have been working to build smart portable fingerprint products.
After years of research and development, walsen has its own fingerprint padlock, embedded fingerprint lock, Bluetooth lock, U-
Type bike locks, TSA locks, etc. .
The product line is still very broad, and it is said that it is still increasing.
Becoming the most popular electronics manufacturer for consumers around the world is their biggest goal.
When asked about the advantages of fingerprint products, relevant people said that for the problems that consumers currently encounter when using various locks, such as traditional key locks, which are easy to lose, forget or be copied, password locks are easily cracked or forgotten.
Need to use mobile phone like Bluetooth lock, if there is no mobile phone, there will be no Bluetooth function.
After a comprehensive analysis of these problems, fingerprint lock can avoid the above problems at the same time, so the final return to fingerprint is the most reliable.
The lock created by fingerprint technology has no key and password, long standby time and low power consumption, and fingerprint lock can fully realize the multi-purpose of different indoor and outdoor scenes.
For example, when outdoors, padlocks can be used in luggage bags or backpacks.
Or home cabinets, doors, drawers, school, gym lockers, etc.
It can be guarded warmly.
Different models certainly have different research priorities. For the FL-
S1, S2, S3 series fingerprint padlock, no need to carry the key or remember the password except for different appearance, just simple fingerprint operation.
The most important features are fast, portable, convenient and versatile.
If you have them, you don\'t have to worry about keyless moments. If people don\'t need it for a while, its compact size allows you to store it easily.
Outdoor Life is simpler.
For customized embedded series, customers can customize according to their own needs.
The show is FL-
B1 embedded jewelry box model and FL-
B2 embedded luggage backpack type.
Most people will have jewelry boxes or other items that contain valuables.
In general, small padlocks are more commonly used types, but people will also worry about how to place keys safely and how to design a high
Secure password, or can\'t find the key or forget the password for a long time.
The most important thing is that it is more troublesome to operate.
For example, if someone wants to show friends and relatives, they have to find the key to unlock, or it may take multiple checks on the password to unlock.
Fingerprint Lock for FL-
The B1 jewelry box fingerprint lock starts with solving these puzzles.
First, the operation is simple and convenient.
After registration, each fingerprint can be unlocked directly by touch, with high efficiency and fast speed.
The second is that fingerprints are always with people, stable and reliable, and have higher security.
Third, an emergency key will also be configured so that people don\'t have to worry about the moment when they can\'t register for other fingerprints.
For example, when people go out, others can use spare keys like they do for emergency use.
Two open ways, more intimate. FL-
B2 is mainly used in luggage bags.
In addition to the advantages of efficiency and convenience, more importantly, simple self
Installation Design.
After installation, it can be changed to high-
End the safety backpack or suitcase in a few seconds.
There is no need to replace the new one, and the cost is low. Consumers can easily open the intelligent opening without carrying a padlock every time. FL-
P4Pro Bluetooth lock, that is, in addition to the features and advantages of fingerprint, it also adds Bluetooth function through Bluetooth, can register fingerprint, reset the padlock.
Of course, it also provides-lost function.
People are free to choose one of the open ways they like.
Compared with the traditional bike lock, FL-except for the key unlock-
U9 bike lock with hi
Fingerprint technology.
The U-shaped design provides enhanced security for your bike/bike, mountain bike, motorcycle, e-bike.
Of course, the glass door lock as an office/shop is also very safe.
TSA travel fingerprint lock with 2 types, portable padlock and embedded lock, you can choose to carry small padlock or embedded lock according to your preference.
All in all, it is only used to register fingerprints and all operations are simpler than the old lock or password lock.
Secondly, the TSA logo and function can also be used for international travel, no need™I was worried about being destroyed by customs.
In addition to the above is the classic type of Fipilock Fingerprint Lock, of course, as a professional fingerprint solution provider, you can also come up with your unique innovative ideas, and fipilock will be happy to achieve these goals with you.
Fipilock is really a highly recommended product and will be enjoyed by almost anyone who has seen or experienced it.
Taking the feelings of some customers as an example, people think that it is very good to experience the unlocking function. You can directly operate the lock without registering your fingers. The product experience is very good.
Another deep impression is the continuous pursuit of innovative ideas, product classification and rich functions, which can fully meet the different needs of different consumers.
As one customer said, \"fipilock\" makes them look forward to what they want.
After the launch of the product, is it very interested?
Don\'t you want to experience it?
Welcome to www. fipilock.
Learn more details and get in touch with them.
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