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by:DIgao     2020-05-29
The article explains how to keep the water in the pool clean and hygienic by using pool chemicals.Learn how to use pool chemicals for water maintenance on a regular basis.The pool is a coveted part of any family as they are a source of considerable fun and joy.Residential pools can provide a wide range of entertainment opportunities for people of all ages, as well as private places to relax and relax.Of course, it is important to keep it well maintained in order to ensure that you can enjoy your pool to the maximum.This includes the use of pool chemicals to ensure that the pool water is properly balanced on a regular basis.Maintain proper balance {size: 21 cm 29.7cm;Margin: 2 cm} P {margin-bottom: 0.21 cm} A: link {color: # 0000ff;text-Decoration: underline-> Pool chemicals in the pool water will help eliminate unwanted pathogens and contaminants that may spread the disease to anyone using the pool.Therefore, swimming pool chemicals are very important products in terms of protecting the health and safety of swimmers.While a variety of different pool chemicals and products on the market today may make the pool maintenance look too confusing, it can actually be quite simple if you stick to the try and test methods.Basically, the main goal of pool water maintenance is to keep the three main levels within their respective acceptable range.The three levels are disinfectant level, pH level and alkaline level, respectively.Tizer anitizer is the most important component of a good pool maintenance procedure because its job is to destroy potentially harmful contaminants such as bacteria.The two most common pool disinfectants are pool chlorine and pool bromide, which kill microorganisms by attacking the cell wall of microorganisms and then destroying the internal structure of the cells so that they are harmless.Although pool chlorine and pool Bromo suppress and kill pathogens in a similar way, there are some differences between the two pool chemicals that may affect your decision on which disinfectant is best suited for your poolAnother difference between these pool chemicals is that bromine is much slower to dissolve than chlorine.Due to this feature, the pool Bromo needs to be added to the pool via an automatic feeder, while the pool chlorine can be added manually.However, some pool owners prefer to use Bromo because the other difference between the two pool chemicals is that Bromo is not as harsh as chlorine.For swimmers with skin and eye sensitivity, this is an important factor to consider.As mentioned earlier, maintaining an appropriate balance of pool chemicals also requires attention to the pH and alkaline levels in the water.The main purpose of balancing the two elements is basically to support the disinfectant, which will play the greatest role when pH and alkaline are kept within a specific range.Putin simply said that the pH value of your pool is a measure of the amount of acid or alkali ions in the water.
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