Spiral anti-theft metal lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
To apply for patent number CN00222460 spiral anti-theft metal lock. An application for a patent for 7, 2000. 03. 07 name spiral anti-theft lock open (metal The announcement) CN2410373 public ( The announcement) Day 2000. 12. 13 categories of fixed buildings ( Construction, mining) Located on 2000. 11. Priority application (25 The patent) Bi-xiong liu address 400041 stone bridge in chongqing Nian mountain garden shop no. 24 (8-2 invention Design) People bi-xiong liu international released into the international application date of national Patent Office patent agency chongqing agent Guo Yun in this paper, the utility model discloses an anti-theft lock, metal spiral structure feature of it is: the teeth on the eight key according to the spiral distribution; Fixed metal lock 3 metal lock 7 of the activity and billiard groove are spiral groove, and the key of 8 spiral teeth. The metal lock anti-theft performance is good, the thieves or professional metal lock cannot be the so-called master key tool for freedom in the metal lock core, by adjusting the metal lock marbles in billiard hole position to achieve open metal lock. A spiral anti-theft metal locks, including metal lock pin ( 1) And clamp ring ( 2) , fixed metal lock ( 3) , spring plug ( 4) , spring, 5) And the marbles ( 6) , activities, metal lock ( 7) , key ( 8) , billiard, 9) , whose character is: the key ( 8) The teeth on helical distribution; Fixed metal lock ( 3) And active metal lock ( 7) Marbles in the groove are spiral groove, and the key ( 8) The helical gear.
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