Socks pegged to the futures market development

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
, experts say, under the new situation, dalian will always adhere to the principle of '' policy, grasping to development of new products, and the construction of new socks hook the market as the main content of the new area development, constant innovation system arrangement, on the other hand are on the market contract maintenance operation, hands, and improving the quality of market operation, constantly improve the service ability of the real economy. To dalian this year closely around service entity economy development goal, pay more attention to service industry, has adopted a series of measures, efforts to improve the efficiency of the market, promote the futures market function, positive progress has been made. First of all, increase the intensity of innovation, and strive to expand into new areas. In regard to the development of new products, increased the strategic new iron ore market advance and development of energy products; Increase the intensity of agricultural products and processing areas of product development innovation, studied the commodity index and other related products demonstration; Increase the intensity of chemical variety innovation, constantly enrich chemical products series. In the construction of new market, stocking hook promote the building of the options market, futures and options contracts rules design has been mature. In terms of new market level, in line with pragmatic and positive attitude, in the period between the spot to seek ways and means to service the real economy is convenient and effective. Second, actively improve the system of rules, hedging, risk management, such as the implementation of the related management measures and formulate, further facilitate the sox hook customers hedging, arbitrage and the risk prevention, improve the market efficiency; Exchange also addresses the issue of strong market in recent years, with operational improvements are put forward.
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