smart home devices used in cyberattack on tech writer\'s site

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
From smart thermostat to smart door lock, so-
Known as the Internet of Things\"
The scope of the Internet is getting wider and wider
Networking equipment in our home
Convenient commitment.
But security researchers warn that \"smart\" devices can also be used as cyber weapons.
Recently, when a batch of consumer electronics hacked into a high
Introduction to cyber attacks
Dan Misener, CBC radio technology columnist, explains why it is worrying in the internet of things era.
What is the latest cyber attack?
Basically, the hacker tries to flood his site with a lot of traffic so that the site will be offline.
They succeeded and his site was closed most of last week. Denial-of-
Service attacks are common-
They happen every day.
Cyberattack target websitesscsis Alberta provincial government website belonging to the attack by another cyberattack Github code site crebus cyberattackBut is of concern as it appears to have been partially, via the botnet
A group of Internet
Connected devices that take over and use for attacks without the owner\'s knowledge.
In this case, the botnet is made up of hacked IoT devices --
Many Canadians already have the same equipment at home.
Much has been said about the hackability of smart home devices.
Q: Is it a little stupid to make everything smart?
Internet toys are particularly vulnerable to hacking, privacy experts say, and security experts secretly tap our data, but now a large number of hacked devices seem to be used as cyber weapons.
What devices are used in the attack?
Krebs wrote that his website was attacked by a botnet of hacked routers, Internet
Connected camera and dvr-
Digital video recorder with Internet access.
The concern here is how many devices are likely to be used in such an attack.
Over the past few years, we have seen more and more consumer electronics become the Internet. connected—
Everything from a thermostat to a vacuum cleaner to a fitness tracker.
At the same time, it is possible for people to get the remote control and use the device for their own purposes --like a denial-of-service attack.
How do I know if my device is damaged?
Ken Munro, a security researcher, specializes in the internet of things.
He knew these things.
Because he discovered and demonstrated many security holes, including the hackability of the smart thermostat.
The terrible thing for most of us, he says, is that we don\'t even know that our devices are used in this kind of cyber attack.
\"If your device joins the botnet, you may notice that your Internet bandwidth is falling.
But you may not have noticed. If it\'s a well-
Designed botnet, it will only send out a few packets from many, many devices.
So it\'s kind of like stealing a penny from every bank account.
It\'s just a penny, but if you steal a penny from every bank account, you make a lot of money.
\"What should I look for in smart home devices?
If you\'re thinking about something like a smart thermostat, Munro says
Connected Baby Monitor looking for brands that you recognize and trust.
\"It\'s not that they\'re not vulnerable, it\'s that manufacturers of big brands --
\"When an error is found, the product name tends to react more positively to fixing the error,\" he said . \".
\"I have been working in this field for 20 years and I have a very stupid thermostat,\" he said . \".
\"From this point on, you will.
\"Nest smart thermostat failure highlights the problem of smart home technology, will we take advantage of the internet of things to suffer more cyber attacks?
There are several reasons, of course.
First of all, the installation base of IoT devices is getting bigger and bigger, with so many new consumer electronics connected to the Internet.
As the installation base grows, these devices are becoming more and more attractive to things like botnets.
Second, the default security for these devices is relatively low.
Finally, once security bugs are discovered, manufacturers tend to be slow to fix them.
Today, it\'s very simple to update your computer or smartphone to the latest and safest operating system --
There are fewer cases of smart home devices.
\"We haven\'t seen half yet,\" Munro said . \".
\"The problem will get worse before things get better.
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