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by:DIgao     2020-05-29
The most important step to install the shower door is to measure it carefully.
The door needs to be accurately measured in the range of 1/1/16 so that there is not much room for error.
Homeowners and even contractors make the most common mistakes during the installation process in the measurement steps.
It is essential not to measure before the tile or marble is in place, as it will produce wrong measurements to measure too fast.
The next step is to vertical the wall.
If the wall closes the Plumb, you need to figure out where the glass door needs to be cut bigger in order to have a tight fitting and waterproof door to compensate.
The next step is to make sure that the shower door has enough clearance to open properly.
Building regulations require the door to be opened, so make sure the door can do this before installation without bumping into a wall, toilet or sink during installation.
Since the door does not have a standard height, you need to measure and decide how high the door you want.
It should at least clean the shower head to avoid a messy shower overflow and have a nice look.
The next step is the actual installation of the door itself.
Depending on the style of the door and shower, the actual steps will vary depending on the item, but the basics include verifying that the door is suitable for opening, installing hinges and door handles, and putting the broom in place.
The shower door is designed to be safe and will not fall off the hinge once it is in place, so once the hinge is in place you can safely manipulate the door.
Start with the middle hinge to make it easier to adjust on the upper and lower hinges as needed to adjust the fit.
When positioning the door, use a wooden gasket to give the door 3/8 clearance from the bottom, so that the broom can be placed in the appropriate position.
Align the door in place and make sure the door is horizontal before marking where the door needs to be drilled.
If you drill holes in a tile or marble, use a 1/4 masonry drill bit and work slowly to avoid damage to the tile or marble.
When you start putting in the screws, remember to start at the top outside and start at the bottom outside.
The last step is to install the broom, which should extend 1/2 \\ \"outside the width of the doors on both sides \\\".
If everything you do is correct, you should have a shower door that can be opened smoothly without getting stuck or hitting the fixture and is waterproof.
This is all about it.
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