shopkeep upgrades pos hardware to accept apple pay, chip cards

by:DIgao     2020-06-24
Through the ShopKeep cloudbased point-of-
ShopKeep, a sales platform provider, is making some pre-emptive technology upgrades to its hardware.
In New York City
The startup, which mainly serves small businesses, such as professional retail stores and restaurants, has transformed its POS terminal to be compatible with NFC and EMV.
This means the new Ingenico
NFC-enabled terminals
Mobile payments such as Apple Pay and EMV chip cards (
Short for European pass, MasterCard and Visa)
This will become a standard issue after the EMV migration deadline of October 2015. \'Must-
Having lightweight MacBook Air and MacBook Pro accessories will make it compromise, but by adding some basic accessories to the mix, you can create a second to none mobile work platform.
Norm Merritt said: \"The goal of ShopKeep is to provide local business owners with the latest tools and technologies so that they can run smarter businesses and stay competitive with larger businesses. Chairman and Union of shopKeep
The CEO said in a statement
For more than 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises currently using the ShopKeep platform, readers will return $249
But ShopKeep\'s new customers can rate readers for free for a limited time.
The giveaway aspect is notable as it represents the intensity of competition in space and the extent to which platform providers will attract and retain new customers.
ShopKeep competes with companies like Square, Poynt and First Data.
In addition to POS hardware, the company also offers iPad-
Customized software that helps small businesses manage transactions, inventory, and customer information.
It is also worth noting that not all technical upgrades are carried out at the same time.
While the NFC/Apple Pay component is available immediately, the EMV chip card will be accepted sometime next year.
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