Several factors which affect metal clothes stick hook viscosity

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Viscosity is a metal machining one of the most important basic concepts, clothes hook is the activity of quantitative indicate that the factors that affect the viscosity are melt temperature, pressure, shear rate and relative molecular mass and so on, the following narrative, respectively. Now know the influence of temperature, by the preceding analysis, the viscosity of the metallic clothing is a function of shear rate, but the metal coat hooks viscosity is also affected by temperature. So, need to shear rate constant to be punctual, research the influence of temperature on the viscosity is of practical significance. Generally said, metal clothes adjustable sex than the melt viscosity shearing action adjustable. Research indicated, with the rise of temperature, metal clothes melt viscosity method of exponential function decline. This is because, the temperature increase, will be made between molecules, molecular chain between the movement of the acceleration, and then makes the metal clothes coiled down between molecular chains, increases the distance between the molecules, and then led to the decrease of the viscosity. Shortening rate is big, easy to shape, but products can also lead to differentiation, the temperature is too low, the melt viscosity, activity is difficult, poor formability, and the elasticity is big, also can make products in the shape of a poor stability. But different viscosity at different levels of temperature adjustable metal clothes. Polyformaldehyde to temperature changes the least active, followed by polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, the most active cellulose acetate, a list of some commonly used metal in the table clothes about the degree of adjustable temperature. Very active metal clothes, temperature control is very important, so large viscosity changes, the operation is not stable, affect the quality metal coat hooks.
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