seven months after a part change at the factory a recall

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
Christopher JensenHonda is recalling nearly 108,000 2018-19 Odyssey minivans because the sliding doors may open when the vehicle is traveling, according to a report published by the automaker on the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday.
The action took place about 14 months after Honda became aware of the problem and 7 months after it started using new parts, according to the chronology that automakers were asked to provide to federal regulators.
Honda said it received its first complaint in May 2017 and conducted an investigation, and in October of the same year it began using new grease that it wanted to eliminate the problem.
Then in April 2018 Honda began using a new part on the assembly line, which it called \"quality improvement work \".
But earlier this month, Honda decided to recall the extra grease, which did not completely solve the problem.
According to federal regulations, once the automaker is aware of the safety issue, it must notify N within five working daysH. T. S. A.
Its recall plan or face civil penalties.
Honda spokesman Chris Martin said the changes were made as part of a normal continuous product improvement and our investigation into the issue continues.
\"This action covers all models built before the new latch was started in April 16, 2018.
The automaker said it was not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with the issue, and the company said that \"certain mechanical components in the rear latch assembly of the power sliding door are easily glued together.
\"Honda\'s plan is to replace the rear latch assembly on the left and right power sliding doors.
However, it notes that the number of parts is limited now, \"the owner has the option to temporarily disable the power sliding function on the sliding door until the remedial part is available.
If the power slide function is disabled, the manual operation of the sliding door will continue to be an option.
\"The agency has at least 24 complaints from owners about various problems with sliding doors.
\"The automatic door on the passenger side is closed when passengers try to get off the bus,\" a Virginia owner wrote last month.
\"The door bounced back and forth and the passengers were almost injured.
On another occasion, the same passenger side door opened from the outside and after half opened it bounced back and closed and almost hurt my son and pre-school teacher.
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