S the use of hooks

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
S hook, places most used in moisture more sanitary, clean sanitary ware items, with the S hook hanging to keep the floor clean and tidy, wet things were also more likely to dry. This is wei yu the method S hook, towel hang with S hook, no brace in sanitary ware, and don't want to break the wall, with a telescopic rod and S hook simple combination is the most recommended approach. , bags, all kinds of bags, including throwing the place children bag, with S with hanging hook. Used for sorting bags hang bag, can play a helpful S hook. Wardrobe closet, unified S hook will all show convenient for hanging bags. In the kitchen, the application of S hook actually most the place that can display effect is the kitchen, whether it's a pan or wok on ark take trouble, too. But after using S hook, lined by hanging around and at the same time, use rise more convenient. S hook, of course, not only can be used in the pot, props can hang in the kitchen. The towel hanging on the wall, plus some S hook, basic can all kinds of kitchen stuff, also won't ugly. , clothing racks used under S hook can save a lot of space, especially the pants with hangers in the wardrobe wardrobe is a waste, with the S hook after placement which can realize the large capacity trousers. , jewelry of other finishing S hook is suitable for jewelry store, the increasing of all kinds of jewelry. Use S hook up, there is no winding trouble also easy to take off. S hook is especially suitable for hats and other small sundry, hat don't have to fold up and hide away, also can become adornment space.
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