opinion: big doors swing on small hinges

by:DIgao     2020-05-30
I was chatting with a friend the other day and we were discussing the importance of sweating and paying attention to detail, when he recalled a saying that someone said to him, \"The big door swings on the small hinge \".
I immediately thought of the beautiful gate of our Rotorua energy activity center with a gross profit pattern that swings over a relatively small hinge and opens to the Bay Trust forum, which holds 850 people.
I have shown this venue many times.
Later, I was thinking, in my life, what might be those big doors and small hinges;
What\'s more, what are those doors open?
After some reflection, I compared the door to opening the entrance to my life.
To get to know me, you need to go through those gates that are the people and processes that I have in my life to keep me safe.
For example, a few days ago, our business received an email from someone in Auckland who heard about my Anzac dawn service demo.
They are working on a school project and would like me to answer some questions about Anzac day.
My business team was not happy with my immediate reply to the email.
They asked that person a few questions before I was allowed to reply.
In other words, the business team is the door to my business opportunities and communication.
This is an important door for anyone anywhere in the world to communicate.
Other entrances to my life besides email include my phone, online status, whanau, friends, business partners and community.
It\'s easy to get in touch with me.
Many years ago, someone asked how to contact Sir Edmund Hillary.
They were asked if they had read the phone book, and to their surprise Sir Ed was there.
I\'m still in the phone book.
That being said, my daughter Tumanako always tells me not to accept them as friends on my Facebook page when I don\'t know them.
The last piece of advice I insist on is to at least check their profile and photos to see if they are real people before accepting them!
There are many entrances in our lives.
In my previous Facebook days, was your door safe or like me, did you just accept anyone through them?
I compare door hinges and handles to values and principles that protect our safety in our lives.
They look small but important.
People who know us also know our values and principles.
These values and principles determine the type of people who enter our lives.
One of my life principles, for example, is that we become our friends and we should be careful who we associate.
The little birds gather together and if we are not lucky then we need to think about who we are.
So what kind of people can get into your life?
As Sir Brian Roach, the former black manager, once said, \"better people will make all black people better \".
The big door swings on the small hinge.
If we focus on small hinges and have better values and principles, people who are better than others can enter our lives.
Good things.
Alimmatara tatou ki nga mea iti, who is the founder of nga mea nui. -
Ngahihi o te ra is an international leadership speaker, writer and consultant from Te Arawa.
His books are available at the Mcleods bookstore and lakeside cafe in cleua.
His website can be viewed on www. ngahibidois.
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