Metal shake handshandle collocation of stealth burglar mesh is what?

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
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hardware collocation of shake handshandle stealth burglar mesh wire is a kind of burglar mesh, not invisible, but by 5 cm of standard spacing, single steel wire tension of the 110 kg capacity of steel wire, determines the protection, prevent falling objects is its most basic function.

by a 2 mm thick steel wire tension between winding end fixed on the window profile, fixed wire spacing is 5 cm, wire can withstand 85 - More than 120 kg of pulling force, can ensure that a thief can't break, because there are 5 cm distance between wire, make people can not be down from the aperture, so can effectively play the role of security protection.
this is hardware handles with stealth burglar mesh is introduced.
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