Metal metal clothes coat hooks low friction application

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Such applications require metal clothes hook material has a low coefficient of friction and even without lubrication and low friction coefficient, good abrasion resistance, and has a moderate to good shape stability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Using copper antimony tin alloy, bronze, cast iron, prelubricated wood, graphite, etc. But when meet the following conditions and requirements, metal clothes hook is more appropriate. Product processing, the lubricant will pollution; Components must be higher or lower than normal work under the applicable temperature of lubricant; Requires no maintenance operation; When pressed for weight loss; g。 For electrical insulation; h。 Requires less noise, noise; 我。 Requirements to minimize the scratch and Nick; System of high load, low speed running out common lubricant; k。 Viscosity is not appropriate. According to the above requirements, as anti-friction bearing parts suitable metal clothes are shown in table ( To be added) Shown below. However, when the working temperature for a long time more than ℃ or there is a lot of radial load, thrust load, or need continuous high-speed operation, and long term demands axis deflection minimum or axis wear before bearing wear, should consider to use other materials. Sometimes, Especially in the following situations) Minimal requirements creep; c。 Only with metal clothes can't bear too much load, and so on.
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