making metal coffee table legs

by:DIgao     2020-06-30
This is my process of welding a set of steel legs for the coffee table I made a while ago.
Check the video and see the dynamics of this tutorial!
In a previous video, I made this mahogany coffee table with wooden legs.
The wooden legs are OK, but I decided to upgrade them to steel legs.
I took the old leg off and put it aside.
I use half an inch of steel for these legs.
I cut a piece of waste wood into the exact width of the table.
I marked and cut 2 pieces for the top of the leg with this piece of wood.
I use the cut-off to transfer its exact width to each end of the top part.
I then inserted an illustration for the side of the leg.
On the drill I drilled the pilot hole and I will connect my legs to the table later.
I used a terrace to expand the hole enough for the washing machine to be installed up from the bottom but not from the other side.
Connecting the legs to the table in this way, over time, with the expansion of the wood and the reduction of humidity, it will allow the tiny movement of the wood.
Now that the top part has been completed, I cut 4 to 16 inch pieces for the side of the leg.
I cut a piece of waste wood at 81 degrees and used it to lay out three full legs in order to measure the bottom.
The results were 13 and 1 inch.
Like I did for the top of the leg, I also cut inset out at the bottom.
All the pieces were cut and drilled, I used some magnets and 81 degree scrap wood to lay each leg, nailed everything in place and came back, all welding was done.
After I finished all the welding, I used a 40 sand flap wheel to smooth all the welding.
In order to get into the narrow corners, I like to switch to the cutting plate at 8 inch.
I cut another piece of waste wood to the length of the table minus 3 inch and used to mark the length of the cross support to connect 2 legs.
After nailing the cross brackets, I finished the welding and ground them so that the table can be flush with the steel base.
I painted three layers of flat back satin on the base. I pre-
Drill into each connection point and then connect the table and base with a 5/8 wooden screw through the washer. That\'s it!
Hope this helps, please check the video for a clearer process. Adios!
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