iphone controlled door locks | 3 amazing smartphone deadbolts have arrived

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
Three good iPhone and smartphone door locks | Noble keys may appear soon today and have disappeared with us for thousands of years. The reason?
Bluetooth-enabled smartphone door locks are on the way and they will shake the way we protect our property.
The door lock for an iPhone is already on the market, and more products will be on the market soon.
Once the locksmith begins to combine the traditional lock technology with electronic products, the lock will not only become more secure and difficult to pick, but will inevitably enter (
Authorized individuals)
It will become faster, more convenient and more accurate.
Today, with radio wave technology at your fingertips, there is no reason why we should not use the iphone as a key to the door lock and latch.
I am very excited about the technology and look forward to the day when I don\'t have to carry a bunch of keys with me.
I would like to share three new iPhone latches and door locks that are either here or will be available soon.
Let\'s start to see what\'s on the road!
Kevin: a iPhone-controlled latch with eKeysFirst, Kevin is a simple single-lock core with seemingly high-tech and powerful features.
Basically, Kevin allows you to turn your iPhone into a key from almost any distance.
You can use the app on your phone to turn the lock on and off, just simply touch the screen and the Bluetooth-powered latch will work.
I know what you\'re thinking: what if I don\'t have an iPhone?
The lock core is also powered by an RFID transmitter that can reach anyone carrying a key chain.
The only difference is that you can\'t open the lock from a distance with fob.
Why so cool?
Let\'s say your dishwasher starts to water.
Soapy water poured out of your doors and windows.
However, you are traveling all over the country and will not come back in a few days.
You can open the lock using your Kevin eKey to get professionals in.
This is obviously a rare situation, but think about any situation where a loved one is locked out.
Take out your phone, press the button, look!
The door opened and they came in.
It\'s actually a traditional lock too, so the mechanical key works in a pinch.
The cylinder is raised.
Defense, it\'s strong, resistant to breaking-
Enter a safety latch, as you would expect.
Is Android compatible?
Currently, Kevo is only compatible with iPhone 4 and 5.
Having said that, I would be surprised if Android users could not access it on the road.
It uses 4 AA batteries, which brings about a year\'s life to the lock.
If your phone is stolen, you can log in to the app from another phone and remove the old ekey to prevent unauthorized access.
This is great, simple and powerful, and I will never be completely impartial in my description.
I encourage you to see it.
This is one of the only iPhone door locks to enter the market, which is undoubtedly higher than the market competition in terms of the products currently sold.
August Smart Lock: Smartphone/computer control, powerful people behind the August smart lock are designed to put virtual keychain in the hands of every smartphone and computer owner, they have some great technology to support their goals.
Let\'s understand the nature of this amazing system.
This concept takes advantage of an application.
Based on keychain, contains access to all locks you associate with your phone.
This is really useful if you happen to use this system in several different places.
Full control of the keys is something that really distinguishes the August smart lock from other iPhone and smartphone-based door locks and latches.
You can specify very fine tuning instructions on how and when the key code works.
For example, you can specify that certain codes only work at certain times of the day: perfect for maintenance personnel and housekeepers.
Not only that, you can also get real-time logs of who has access to your house and what code is used when they enter again and lock.
The system has a power backup and does not rely entirely on WiFi to keep it running.
It uses batteries (
Need to be replaced regularly but will give you a warning).
The advantage of this is that there is no wire to do, and it meets the standard on most doors.
A clever feature of this smartphone latch is the Bluetooth sensing feature, which automatically unlocks your front door when you approach it by detecting the proximity of your phone in your pocket.
The anchor bolts themselves are designed to fit the internal work of the existing anchor bolts, and the installation process should be relatively easy.
The housing of the August smart lock includes an LED indicator light with a light pointing to the latch status below.
This app is simple and quick to use, not to mention intuitive for anyone who is used to the smartphone interface.
It will be released sometime this fall or winter.
This is an iPhone/smartphone latch and door lock with outstanding design, solid features, customized potential and rock-solid security elements.
Look at it and you may be as excited as I am!
* Smart locks have been released in August and are available through multiple retailers.
This is a revolutionary new keyless door lock powered by a smartphone.
It\'s very smart and I can go on nauseating, but I\'ll try to keep it short!
Lockitron looked at the way we use locks and came up with an easy-to-install and intuitive way of using them to keep our homes safe.
This is a great system that any smartphone can use (
Not only the iPhone, but even compatible with old phones).
Let\'s start with applications and monitoring systems.
Your app is basically just two big buttons on the screen, one for locking and one for unlocking. Simple, right?
But things are getting better.
You can monitor when the door lock is opened.
This is a great feature for parents who want to know when the kids are coming home from school.
With the app, you can easily share your Lockitron key with friends and family.
The lock is controlled using a mobile website, but you can also get access via SMS.
The device itself uses WiFi to communicate with the website, so you can access it from anywhere in the world and receive updates when you use it.
This is my favorite point: The Lockitron smartphone latch is installed on the existing latch, which means there is no messy installation item on your hand.
This is good news for renting r and homeowners.
It should be released this fall and they are taking bookings.
This is definitely a radar that keeps you as it is the most versatile and user-
Friendly smartphone door lock.
* Lockitron can now be sold on their website.
Other considerations for Bluetooth, smart locks, and iPhone apps: if you finally choose one of the locks, I have some suggestions before you drop any money.
Make sure your iPhone control door lock has the full set of features required for your home, business or home.
Most of the systems are rich in functionality, intuitive and easy to use, but have limitations and each brand has its own unique features.
August may be your choice if you need custom user settings.
Kevin is a great choice if your family has an iphone.
Lockitron is a great option if you are a rental r that can\'t change the lock and you can take it with you.
Backup systems are important.
Make sure you still have access to your house or business in the event of a power outage or other phone unavailability.
If you are not technically inclined, be sure to call a professional.
A contractor, even just a handy friend, can make the installation process easier and less stressful.
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