Ikea\'s latest pitch: Bring back your used furniture to resell for store credit

by:DIgao     2020-08-11
Furniture retailer Ikea (Ikea) has launched a new program that allows people to bring back the use of mild furniture to the store for resale, reducing waste in landfill sites, while giving customers store credit for buying more.
The retailer came up with the idea more than two years ago and piloted elsewhere, but now they are promoting the project in Canada.
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No waste of selling things
Members of the Ikea Family can participate in the back program for free.
Under the program, members submitted an application to sell their old items back to the companystore credit.
Ikea evaluates the condition of the product and offers a quote if the project is deemed to be in good condition.
If accepted, the customer will get a gift card with the amount of that amount.
The store sells the item in the \"as is\" section of the slightly damaged item.
The goods sold by chain stores are not all eligible;
Only certain vanity tables, tables, chairs, cabinets and stools are included.
Bedding or anything with glass is not included, nor is it included for food preparation.
The plan is considered a win-win situation.
Win for both the chain and customers: both want to make sure that the items available are not landfill and consumers can spend a little bit of money on more Ikea products.
\"We offer solutions to customers who may complete the Ikebukuro products,\" said Brendan Selle, head of sustainability at the company.
\"We put the value of a dollar back in our pockets, extend the life of our products and create positive social benefits.
\"It\'s too early to increase the life cycle, but so far the initiative looks promising --
Saidit has received more than 1,000 submissions from the following companiesbe resellers.
\"We want to learn from our customers, how it works for them, and how we can expand it in the future,\" Seale said . \".
This is part of the company\'s broader initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, including phasing out disposable plastics by 2020, as well as other recycling projects.
Marketing expert Brynn Winegard said that since the day the chain was targeted, the company has made great progress because some of their products have a very short life span.
Ikea, Erin Fisher, offered business reasons to reduce waste \"environmental activists and consumers strongly opposed about 20 years ago, saying there was a lot of wood coming into your product in the world,\" Winegard said.
Winegard gave the chain a lot of credit and suspected that it might be a win they won at a relatively small cost.
\"They are unlikely to sell these products at huge profits,\" she said . \".
\"It just adds to the life cycle.
\"It also takes advantage of broader corporate trends and reduces waste to save money --
Help the Earth in this process.
Landon is the president of Green Standards Co. , Ltd. , a Toronto-
Working with companies, large and small, to help them responsibly redistribute no-longer-
Office furniture, equipment and supplies are required.
According to US media reportsS.
Environmental Protection Agency, up to 8.
5 million tons of usable office furniture are buried each year.
But since 2011, the Green Standard says its efforts have shifted 46,000 tons of what would otherwise have been wasted and reallocate them to community agencies in need --
For companies that have something they want to get rid of, there is no extra cost.
The United Nations says the recycling plan has left 0. 325 billion containers out of landfill sites. W. T.
\"It\'s not free or cheap to throw your furniture in a landfill,\" Landon said . \".
\"You have to pay for moving companies and trucks and then tip,\" he said . \" That\'s why his sales pitch is most often focused on how their services save money --
If not the Earth.
\"Very similar cost [Throw it out.
\"We are able to analyze it for them, save them time and money, and achieve results that are more in line with what they are trying to do,\" he said . \" He cited the example of Adobe Inc.
Headquartered in the technology company that renovated its headquarters in 2012.
Green Standards works with the company to find new homes for several layers of valuable office furniture that will otherwise be shipped to landfill sites.
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At a price below the cost of throwing away, Adobe eventually donated the equivalent of $444,678 to local community groups.
\"This is a good way to talk about sustainability,\" Langdonsaid said . \".
Back in Ikea\'s showroom, consumers who talk to CBCNews can also see the benefits.
Carefully observed some used furniture at a hotel in Toronto
Customer Alex Ketchum said he would consider it.
\"Why not, if things are good,\" he said ? \".
\"I think it\'s very talented,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s kind of like recycling.
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