Idling metal lock patents is introduced

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Idling metal lock application number/patent no. : 200920075961 the utility model relates to a mechanical metal locks, especially a idle metal lock. The utility model discloses an idling metal locks, it consists of a key, metal lock, metal lock tongue, metal lock body resistance, resistance of steel ball, spring or shrapnel and the metal lock ring described rotating metal lock set with check back slot or check the cylindrical pin back or check back shoulder, metal lock body with rotating metal lock set of corresponding part of the set and the matching check pin or check back slot or check back shoulder; Described or rotating metal lock set of lock body inside round cylindrical and metal respectively set up check back slot, check card ring embedded in the check back slot, or described in the rotating metal lock set of cylindrical without backstop facility, and is set in the face of the metal lock body only a metal lock sets out to prevent rotation metal lock body check back cover, is a kind of good anti-theft performance, simple structure, easy processing, high rigidity, low failure rate of idling metal lock. The application date: August 7, 2009 publication: authorized announcement day: May 12, 2010, the applicant/the patentee: jian-hua sun; Shen Qiheng applicant address: Shanghai xuhui district qinzhou south road 531, lane, room 402, no. 4, invented the designer: jian-hua sun; Shen Qiheng patent agency: agent: patent type: the patent for utility model classification number: E05B67/22; E05B15/00
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