Enterprise how to realize the automation production double color metal coat hooks products

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
With the continuous development of metallic clothing industry, metal coat hooks products multifunctional composite structure and green environmental protection will become the metallic clothing industry development direction, various new types of injection molding machine and injection molding process, backward and inefficient production technology is bound with the progress of injection molding technology and eliminated, production enterprise also only or improve production equipment and technology constantly updated to better adapt to the development of the market. Mixed mixed color metal clothing products production technology is actually a kind of common injection molding technology, common injection molding technology is by multiple injection system of injection molding machine, the different colors or different material and the metal clothes of different colors and materials at the same time or sequential injection molding method. Double color molding metal clothing products generally adopt two methods a is a common injection molding machine, the use of two sets of independent one injection molding machine injection molding a color insert metal clothes, then put the insert to the injection molding machine, the other one was laid for injection of a different color of metal clothes, finally get double color metal clothing products. This method is more traditional forming method and its use of simple equipment, the method is easy, but it requires a higher labor costs, and the production efficiency, backward production technology, general large enterprises has eliminated the production method, the second method is to directly using the double color injection molding machine, two kinds of color or material of metal clothes in the same injection molding machine for injection molding. Double color injection molding machine USES two separate injection device, through the different cylinder plasticizing different colors and types of metal clothes, do not need artificial participation, intermediate process can realize automatic production double color metal clothes hook products. But this way production double color metal clothing products, the high cost of the initial investment of equipment, equipment maintenance and management the demand is higher, it is difficult for small and medium enterprises on a large scale to introduce the production equipment.
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