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by:DIgao     2020-05-28
Flip Lock? What’s That? Really? !
Another intruder asked us to check out the new situation in the family security department.
He asked me to respond in the way I mentioned in the third center called \"South: A Legacy of comfort.
I scared him silly so he would run away but it was just because I saw him before he saw me.
The whole story is a piece. of-
Life posts for different articles.
A lot of things affect how and why a person should stay on top of the latest options for homeowners to protect their property.
It is a sad fact that residential crime is rising.
The exterior door with two locks is very standard now, but sometimes the simplest additions make a huge difference.
In my recent case, the intruder found the alarm and figured out how to approach our hidden door.
He looks too professional and doesn\'t fit me, sorry for not having an unremovable lock.
Although the police may have found him and/or his partner in the area, one or both of them can still return at other times.
What I have gathered from the incident is that checking improvements in door safety and choosing the measures that work best for us must be a priority.
It took a bit of time, so before going to bed that night, we added a new movement light, some new solar landscape lighting and a new alarm location to the area of that door.
It was a busy night but worth the peace of mind.
What kind of lock should we add?
Then we are free to see what kind of door lock we want to add.
Most people already have a knob lock and a safety Bolt, but if an experienced intruder has tools, they hardly slow him down.
To the surprise of an unconscious resident, he may go in faster than a blink of an eye.
Chain locks are also fragile for a firm criminal.
Their design allows the door to open a few inches, giving the intruder an advantage.
A simple alert may help but will not block every error.
Of all the options, we decided to adopt the style of the flip lock.
Before you look at the photo montage below, here are some notes.
I don\'t know these are a perfect precaution, but it\'s safer to lock in the frame by giving up smaller mounting screws and using stronger screws.
If someone chooses the other locks and is determined by the way I like, they will not know what they are dealing with and they will have to make quite a bit of trouble in trying.
During the day, the commotion may draw the visual attention of the homeowner or neighbor, and in the middle of the night it sounds like someone is trying to wake up the dead.
Combining this type of lock with our other security measures is a simple, economical way to greatly enhance our personalized security system in subtle ways.
Instead of spending a lot of money to support a door, they are a humble choice.
Happily, the style of our choice was not less attractive in the hotel room, some of which were not finished yet.
Several companies offer flip locks.
Some people even say no.
Damage style tenants.
Their colors match the existing hardware.
Brands are slightly different so buyers need to investigate their best options.
I always choose when it comes to security issues, and I like that if part of our system doesn\'t remind me of brewing trouble, the other part should remind me.
The rash attitude towards vigilance and family safety may cost me a lot (
Actually, it\'s been several times now).
Being a victim in a certain area of life can make us feel scared, or it may be an opportunity to face the reality of this fallen world, help us respond wisely to other areas of life that we have learned in this process.
While I am happy with our latest home safety products, I will keep a close eye on the future of the industry.
Who knows, maybe I will come up with the next latest, best option.
You may just want to be vigilant about this, but in the meantime, the viva flip the lock!
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