custom plastic key cards for hospitality industry

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
The hotel key card system allows us to see what the hotel can offer as an individual guest.
Have you seen it in a traditional door lock system?
Whenever they book a room at a hotel or hotel, they provide the guest with a manual key.
Because the traditional lock was used at the time.
But now the hotel is smart.
In fact, now they are moving fast towards the intelligent digital locking system that the hotel key card system operates.
PSPCards is the only solution for production and door lock integrators and provides plastic key cards for hotels in East Asia, the Middle East, India and Singapore.
With over 18 years of professional experience, specializing in printing and digital lock core, more than 10,000 hotels, resorts, hotel apartments are available.
Small or large hotels below 3, 4, 5 stars are using various types of printed key cards.
Let\'s talk about room access cards: custom magnetic key cards most hotels use magnetic key cards to stay in the room in time.
In fact, I was impressed with the check.
Check in and check out time.
Whenever guests travel around the world, they book a room at the hotel.
Not only does it impress the customer, it also helps with your advertising, Hotel awareness and increased revenue.
HiCo and madman from our company\'s \"PSPCards\" manufacturers with custom key cards
Electronic door locks such as Vinglock, maglock, Dorma, Saflock, etc.
We specialize in printing and providing hotel key cards for hotels in Mauritius, Middle East countries.
Wooden key cards we are a famous supplier of wooden key cards in Mauritius and are widely used in hotels to open smart door locks.
We are a well-known enterprise key card supplier in the hotel industry, such as Radisson Blu, Holly Day Hotel, Taj hotel, JW Marriott Hotel and Ritz Hotel Paris, etc.
It is made of light-colored, special-coated elasticity and the Birch finish of Spartans.
100% PVC free, made of Nordic birch, 30% more energy efficient than plastic key card.
RFID key card system is widely used in hotels than other printed key cards.
This is the first RF technology to provide intelligent digital lock contactless cards for the hotel industry.
Our access cards are compatible with all smart door locks such as CISA, SAFELOK, SARGENT, ONITY, and Dorma.
We offer affordable custom key cards for small and medium-sized businesses.
Direct pricing, guaranteed 100% for all products.
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