Ceramics is the installation of shake handshandle enter-door?

by:DIgao     2020-07-25
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ceramics into the door shake handshandle installs. Enter-door mainly pure steel enter-door, stainless steel door, armored door.
among them, the armored door is high-grade enter-door, main characteristic is not the traditional surface treatment, but on the surface of steel enter-door add a layer of wood veneer, such not only ensure the security elements into the door, and greatly improve the level of the door, at the same time, also can better coordinate the internal decoration.
enter-door is to enter the first door of the building, also known as a door, at the same time, also called the gate. Of course the security performance is higher. So enter-door also called security doors.

this is ceramic of into the door shake handshandle is introduced.
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