Ceramic handle collocation of folding door component part of what?

by:DIgao     2020-07-26
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ceramic handle with the folding door is mainly composed of frame, door leaf, transmission parts, turning arm parts, transmission rod, directional devices, etc. The door type all can be installed in the indoor and outdoor. Has grown two millimeters each door has four doors, doors, doors in the two. Edge on one side of the door leaf frame and door leaf, are connected by a hinge between the side door leaf, respectively, up and down the other side of the door Ting end is equipped with upper and lower shaft, shaft connected to gate frame shaft seat up and down, side door Ting will rotate around the side Ting, at the same time promote the door leaf rotated 90 & deg; 。

so that the doors opened and closed, electric, on a shaft end install jib parts, transmission parts, the upper door frame installation transmission among components and open the door machine; The doors on the directional device. Door machine running after driving part every two gear rotates, instead of teeth, two rack of a straight line on the other side of the rack and the derrick connection, jib do circular motion, side door namely Ting rotate around the side, electric open doors. Two doors in Micronesia seam are equipped with safety protection devices, closed in case of obstacles to a state of full open, safe and reliable.
this is part of the ceramic collocation of folding door shake handshandle.
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