Ceramic handle according to the style of choose and buy a shoe?

by:DIgao     2020-07-23
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ceramic handle according to the style of choose and buy a shoe?
for shoe smaller families porch, proposed to the door of the shoe ark design into sliding doors, thickness is not too big, the capacity to store 10 pairs of shoes is advisable. Another & other; Hang & throughout; The combination of shoe ark on the wall, very save space, modelling is very special, you can try. On the contrary, if the bedroom area is larger, can install a two-door, the height and fully functional shoe ark, can also be in women's shoes to match individual stool, umbrella barrels, etc.
in addition, the design is also a two-step best: on the one hand, on the porch place to be a beautiful, multi-purpose small shoe; In the other, on the other hand, storage space, such as between change clothes closet, the place such as the bed of the bedroom set aside some position for shoes, the seasonal and not often receive shoes inside.

according to the introduction of the above we can easily match ceramic handle.
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