Aviation aluminum box type metal shake handshandle

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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aviation aluminum box type metal shake handshandle adopt single particle of light, the Japanese earthquake technology, environmental protection ruling, built-in spring. 140 spring handle, both to the pursuit of simplicity and individual character is tie-in, can demand the icing on the cake for you.
product style: modern, simple, the Dutch style
the applicable scope: all kinds of cabinets, industrial equipment.
the product characteristics. Seiko production, quality assurance;
  2. Single particle vibration light technology to process, the SUS - 304 environmental quality steel production, to deal with the process;
  3. High temperature and pressure, insulation rubber, green environmental protection, non-toxic PVC principle;
  4. Delicate curve, perfect the Netherlands wind. Stringent quality control procedures, molded perfect curve of the Netherlands style;
  5. High and new technology, the built-in spring, the introduction of Japan's earthquake.
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