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by:DIgao     2020-06-25
New Delhi: In order to improve the safety of passengers and curb criminal activities on board, automatic door lock devices will be installed in train cars soon.
Under the new system, under the control of the train guard from his cabin, when the train arrives at the station, all doors are automatically opened and closed before departure.
At present, the door of the train is opened and closed manually.
It is reported that there are frequent incidents in the suburbs of Mumbai where passengers fall from the running train, and the problem is very serious.
Falling off the train is also the second major cause of death, the first being that someone was knocked down by the train.
\"As a pilot project, two Rajdhani and two Shatabdi trains will be put into operation by April,\" said a senior ministry official . \".
Later, the system will be replicated on all trains, including national suburban services.
According to the official, \"when most passengers try to get into a bus without entering the car, or hit the pole next to the track, they fall off the running train or. .
There are also cases where many people died while performing stunts at gates.
\"In order for the automatic system to be put into use, it will take about Rs 20 per bus for the railway.
\"The train will not move unless all doors are closed.
The official said: \"The guards will command and control the system in their cabins, and the driver will also get command and control at a later stage.
\"In the new system, the door is only opened on the platform side, and the goalkeeper on the other side remains closed, thus eliminating any chance of unauthorized entry.
State of all doors (closed/opened)
Displayed in the main control panel of the security room.
The new system will also eliminate the opportunity for passengers to get off the bus.
The mechanism also provides audio announcements and visual instructions while opening/closing activities.
He said that if obstacles are noticed on the motion path, the operation of closing or opening the mechanism will not be completed.
However, by placing an emergency button, the door can be opened locally, and after the train stops, the door can be opened locally if the alarm chain is pulled or the guard applies braking.
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