15 christmas decorating ideas

by:DIgao     2020-06-26
Decorating your home for the holidays does not require stress or expensive.
As one of the most popular decorating times of the year, get your family involved and have fun making your home beautiful during the holidays.
15 ideas for Christmas decoration: 1.
Show off your favorite Christmas series.
If you don\'t have a collection, now is a good time to start!
My son and I collect nut cookies and we have great time each year to choose the right one.
I used a permanent marker to write this year at the bottom of the Nutcracker.
Not only do we like to watch nut cookies during the holidays, but we also like the good memories of picking nut cookies. 2.
Make a simple bow with a Christmas ribbon and stick it on the curtain with a pin.
This is a very charming look. 3.
Decorate your house plants by hanging some small Christmas decorations on the House. 4.
Put a bunch of Christmas books on your coffee table. 5.
Fill a glass bowl with pine and Christmas balls and place it on a shelf or table. 6.
Wrap the stair railing with indoor Christmas lights, wreaths and bows. 7.
To add a fragrance to your home, use a Christmas ribbon to tie 5 or 6 cinnamon sticks together.
Make as many bundles as you want and put them in a basket or bowl. 8.
To decorate your table, please tie a Christmas ribbon on the stem of the glasses and/or the curved handle.
To dress up your chair, tie a Christmas bow on the chair so that the bow is on the back of the chair. 10.
Use a small brush or q-
Tip, paint the edges of pine nuts with a sparkling golden craft.
After dried pine, put it in a decorative basket. 11.
Add a Christmas wreath to the door frame, window frame and mirror.
You can fix the wreath on the surface with tape. 12.
Use a festive Christmas ribbon to tie a bow around the door handle. 13.
Attach a wreath and Christmas bow to your chandelier.
You can also weave a string of red beads in a wreath that will hang from your chandelier and reflect the light, which will increase the spark. 14.
If you live in a climate-friendly environment, consider decorating it with a red plant.
These beautiful plants are red and white, very tall and look very elegant. 15.
Don\'t forget to decorate the fireplace mantel and hang up the Christmas socks.
The idea of some fireplace mantel decoration is to add garlands, Santa Claus in different styles and sizes, teddy bears and candles.
If you have a Mantel large enough, you can also show your favorite scene of the birth of Jesus.
Be creative with fireplace mantel as most Mantel are the focus of the holiday.
Another decoration idea for your mantel is to buy a bunch of mini rosemary trees shaped like Christmas trees, add mini decorations to them and arrange them on the mantel.
These mini rosemary trees are easy to buy during the festival and are packed in festive containers.
Christmas decor is a good time to create traditions and spend a good time with your family.
Take out some snacks and drinks and create a small decor party that your family loves and looks forward to year after year. Happy Holidays!
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