What are the design hardware handles?

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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in our furniture decoration hardware shake handshandle also have special decoration effect, we decorate a style is rural wind, for example, then we have to choose the shake handshandle of rural wind. If choose the cartoon series small shake handshandle, looks will neither fish nor fowl. The overall look will be featured.
the hardware handle what specific style?
1, European archaize style, antique style by most loves, mainly because of its high temperament attracted.
2, rural style, is more natural and pure and fresh, favored by a great number of young people.
3, ceramic series, mainly ceramics production, most of the lines are & other; Flowers & throughout; Is given priority to, look feels more ancient
4, cartoon small shake handshandle, this cartoon small shake handshandle, cartoon, apply to the cute style, colorful decorating a style
are usually drunbility, if the house is rural wind style, then we will choose rural shake handshandle. If it is euramerican archaize, choose archaize shake handshandle. But there are particular, decorate a style to have the different style are mixed together, this is about to test the designer's idea.
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