Want to know why metals become yellow clothes hook dongguan fu sen told you

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Today to analyze the causes of metal coat hooks products become yellow, metal coat hooks products generally yellow are produced by materials of aging or degradation, PP is commonly due to aging, Degradation) , as a result of the existence of polypropylene upper base, its stability is bad, especially in the case of light. General to join the light stabilizer. As for PE, because there is no side group, general is not a lot of the early processing or use yellow. PVC will turn yellow, and product the formula of relation is larger. Namely oxidation, some masterbatch easily oxidized surface, it is necessary to surface treatment of the masterbatch. In addition to the system of metal coat hooks undesirable additives, impurities and so on, I think is mainly caused by aging, add the appropriate antioxidant system and ultraviolet resistant agent can improve the yellowing of PE, PP, but a lot of hindered phenolic antioxidant system itself will bring light yellow, and some antioxidant system and ultraviolet resistant agent resistance effect, so be very careful when use. We dongguan fu sen machine to join polymeric lubricant, mainly make it formed in the machine to the walls of a polymer can flow fluorine polymer membranes, improve polyolefin resin extrusion machining performance, the extrusion pressure and temperature, improve product quality, production capacity, reduce production cost, reduce or eliminate the melt fracture, reduce rejection rate. Make full use of raw material to produce metal clothes hook, but also to ensure that the metal coat hooks raw material component is enough, to make good quality metal clothes hook, let the customer is satisfied with, rest assured!
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