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by:DIgao     2020-08-14
Nagpur: vidaba Industry AssociationVIA)
Plans have been made to make the city a modular furniture center.
The city has overtaken Bangalore as India\'s largest maker of modular furniture.
Pravin Tapadia, president of VIA, said there are currently 12 units in and around the city to produce modular furniture.
But they are small-scale units.
Modular furniture is becoming more and more popular, and the Orange City is best suited to take advantage of this boom.
At present, China and Malaysia are importing large quantities of modular furniture because of insufficient local supply compared to demand.
Secondly, although there is a huge demand for wooden floors, aluminum false ceilings and machine-made sofa covers in India, many items are not made in India.
Tapadia said that a few years ago, the government had announced a special textile area in butiburi.
However, the expected amount of investment has never occurred.
As a result, VIA asked the government to include the furniture and engineering industry in the region.
VIA has planned a trip for a team of 30 entrepreneurs who will visit Chinese factories to get first-hand information on modular furniture production work on a large scale.
Kirit Joshi and Akhil Pande will lead the team to China in October.
\"If we want to occupy the Indian market, we have to produce it on a large scale,\" the entrepreneur insisted . \".
In response to a question, Tapadia said that urban industrialists rarely have the opportunity to compete with each other because they cater to different departments such as kitchens, offices, etc.
The person in charge of VIA said the association had finalized plans given some concessions from the government.
\"If you rely on the government commercially, it won\'t succeed.
However, some concessions from the government can prove to be an additional advantage.
\"VIA also decided to organize an energy summit in the city in December.
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