touch screen kiosk the new electronic advertising hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-24
The touch screen kiosk becomes interesting.
Touch screen kiosks are at the forefront of the new digital marketing revolution, and these devices offer the added benefits of engaging with potential customers to enrich your brand awareness or promote your product range.
What are the different types of interactive kiosks?
They may vary in size and direction, from 42 small touch screen kiosks in the vertical direction to 65 large touch screen kiosks in the horizontal direction.
Let\'s take a look at it alone.
Independent Pavilion.
As the names indicate, they are an all-in-one system, and once the base is connected, the kiosk can be placed on the floor, the display is at the adult height, and now the change has begun, because there are various ways to store promotional media and different ways to update content.
Independent kiosks.
These units are a junior entry level digital logo with ads stored on local memory cards, which are located in media players built into the screen.
Pros: reasonable price, easy to deploy Cons: only manual replacement of content material using usb drive.
Touch screen kiosk.
The touchscreen kiosk has one or more touch screens that display digital content to locate specific consumers to get an accurate picture of the items they are searching.
Like a stand-alone kiosk, the interactive kiosk has a digital signage grade display with a brightness of 500 cd/m2 and a contrast of 1500: 1.
Now, the marketing material is saved on an internal hard drive with a capacity of 160 GB, and there is an option to connect to a wired network or even a wireless access point in order to upload ads remotely, if the digital logo is part of a larger network, this is very good.
The signs can be obtained both horizontally and vertically depending on where the signs will be installed.
The above solutions are perfect in shopping centers and can be used to find roads and e-marketing.
How does the touch screen kiosk help the company?
When customers enter a outlet or a traditional bank, they may not know what they are looking for, let\'s take a look at the example of the bank first.
Consumers want constant savings, but they don\'t want to bear any consequences if they need some money to respond quickly to emergencies, now, using interactive kiosks, banks can upload all the content material on the product they provide and get the title;
Cost savings, quick access cost savings, so customers can select the second image on the display by touching the screen, and then, they are taken to another screen asking how much they invest every 30 days, then on the third page, buyers were asked what notifications they liked to use.
This may be an instant access account with a low interest rate, or an account that requires 4 weeks notice and gives a deposit 7% interest.
Now the buyer can write down the reference number, or go to a consultant who can upload all the data that the consumer has just entered to the display in a timely manner and print the application form, the customer then signs on the form accepting the terms and conditions.
Loan companies can use this tool to save employees time in dealing with customers who do not have a real account opening purpose.
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