The use of the manual lock gun

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Use manual unlock gun to unlock better lock is also one of the ways, it's principle and thousand layer with dial lock unlock the lock is the same, but better than gun lock light with the hand to touch, want to grasp some more, some with h lock open is much easier. The lock's approach is to unlock gun copper padlock on the front of the Ann's gun needle into the keyhole, please be sure to before into the frame, the push rod forward dislocation, but the power of propulsion must not be too big, beginning from the first pull the trigger, a grain of billiard another grain of playing marbles, not away from you and play, play to move up and down marbles, can make the reach the ball up and down the intention of separation, to reach the lock stops, suitable for general billiard warded lock the door open, cross lock, and the general car door lock, such as keyhole than the big lock.
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