sliding door hardware: installing shower sliding doors

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
In modern times, sliding doors are becoming a flavor of the building and interior of the house and office.The smooth movement of the door creates a seamless view and saves space.The sliding door ensures easy access to natural light and adds aesthetic value to the place.
Without high quality sliding door hardware, the benefits of sliding doors cannot be achieved because safety has always been a problem.The use of high-quality tempered glass and high-quality sliding door hardware can prove that the investment in Sliding Doors is huge.Ozone hardware meets the requirements of sliding door hardware by providing a variety of sliding doors.
Sliding door scanning can be used for multiple uses in commercial premises and residential buildings.In terms of bathroom maintenance, the frameless shower sliding door helps to separate the bathroom into dry and wet areas.The shower room gives an elegant and modern look to the bathroom.
The sliding door of the shower room is a smart way to make the bathroom more beautiful and attractive in less space.For safe, reliable and reliable showers with sliding doors, it is important to use a high quality shower glass hardware system, which makes the glass door accessories sturdy and durable.Ozone hardware provides a self-slip systemSupport sliding system for online and 90 ° doors.
Ozone provides high quality shower door hinges for glass door accessories.Installation of shower sliding door Step 1: for installation of glass shower door, measuring the size of the door with tape measure.Step 2: measure the height and width of the shower glass room that the sliding door will be installed and note down somewhere.
Step 3: Select the edge line sliding system provided by the ozone hardware and shower glass door.The system is recommended and specially designed for the installation of the shower, which supports the rails on the fixed glass.The system covers the connector track, Floor Guide shower threshold, stopper, glass bracket track and glass bracket track for 90 ° applications, sliding door roller set.
Measure the height and width of the track.Now, cut the track according to the measurement of the door.Step 4: After the cut track is completed, install them in the shower glass wall.
Use the drill bit to screw the track into the appropriate position to install the top track of the glass shower door.After fixing the top track, fix the bottom track at the opening of the shower.Step 5: place the first door from the top track.
When placing the door first, install the wheel on the top and bottom tracks.Step 6: move the second door forwardThe runner facing the track.These are the basic steps to install the shower sliding door.
Adjust the door as required, follow the instructions carefully when installing the sliding door system
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