Shakes on a plane! Passenger jet is grounded after baggage handlers discover a vibrating rucksack – which turned out to be a sex toy

by:DIgao     2020-08-05
A passenger plane was forced to land after baggage handlers thought it contained a bomb in the vibrating backpack, but found a sex toy.
The staff at Chiang Mai airport in Thailand heard a loud buzz as they dragged their green backpack onto the AirAsia flight to Bangkok and felt the backpack shaking.
The frightened handlers were worried that the bombs were full of explosives and radio for bomb handlers who ran to the runway on Wednesday morning.
But when they ripped their luggage and found a silver vibrating bullet, they all laughed and the speed dial of the bullet opened unexpectedly.
The baggage manager who took the photo but asked to be anonymous said: \"We noticed that the luggage was shaking and there was a buzz inside.
Obviously, we are very scared because it could be a bomb or other explosive device.
But when the experts arrived they opened the package and it was just a sex toy.
\"We checked and found it safe on the plane, so we put it back in our bag.
The airline staff did not tell the passengers that they had inadvertently caused a security scare.
The baggage handlers said I think they would be very embarrassed if they found out.
\"I shared these photos to make people aware of the dangers of carrying batteries and other items in checked baggage.
The staff were very observant and passed the appropriate agreement.
Security issues like this cannot be taken lightly.
\"AirAsia\'s FD3438 flight was scheduled to fly from Chiang Mai International Airport to Bangkok\'s Don Muang airport at 8: 00 on Wednesday. 25am.
But due to the short time to load the luggage, the check means the flight is delayed by about five minutes.
It took off shortly after 8. 30am -
The passengers did not notice the panic caused by their backpacks.
A spokesman for AirAsia said: \"Police found a sex toy during the inspection.
They did not confiscate the item because it did not threaten aviation safety.
The flight was delayed for five minutes.
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