New password security door machinery metal lock patents for cooperation

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
At present, installed on the door of the password metal lock electronic password lock (metal Includes fingerprint lock, metal button type password metal locks, mobile phone open electronic metal locks, etc. ) And mechanical password lock metal two kinds big. The electronic password lock metal shall promptly replace the battery or charge in time, in addition, the electronic components easy to aging and damage, more important is its price is too expensive, general need thousands of yuan a pair. Metal electronic password lock, therefore, difficult to promote, market share is small. Machinery password lock at present there are two major categories: metal button type mechanical code lock, metal mechanical dial type metal lock passwords. The two password metal lock design is not science, there is a password capacity is too little, difficult to change the password, security issue such as difference of sex. Thus the promotion difficulty is very big also. By other senior mechanical and electrical engineers recently invented not electricity & other Rotary machinery password lock metal & throughout; Design is very scientific, beautiful appearance, The appended drawings for metal lock panel figure) , unique features and specific have the following characteristics: 1, password capacity much more special, each design has 10 password lock metal wheels, selection of the same metal lock passwords have billions of group, therefore, if you don't know the metal lock password and want to turn on, its difficulty is big. 2, password easy to remember, optional user's special day as a password, such as the child's birth time: 06 August 8, 2012 points, the user password can be set to 2012080806, it's much more than the bank card password insurance. 3, password is easy to change, the user can change the metal lock password at any time according to need. Change password only need a pair of needle nose pliers, don't need to open metal lock box. Suggest to change the password, tell others in the home, all of you to remember, and at the same time the password in the mobile phone memo. 4, each password wheel rotates the metal lock without collision internal voice, so can't through the stethoscope tools such as technical metal lock open. 5, metal to lock the door and open the operation is simple, the blind operation. 6, the metal lock with an ordinary billiard metal lock core at the same time, therefore, is actually the combination of the two locking metal. Users can choose according to the needs of different time, different ways of metal to lock the door: password only metal lock to lock the door or just billiard metal lock to lock the door, or use both two types of metal to lock the door, can further improve the assurance coefficient. 7, both inside and outside the metal lock design has two handles, one outside the handle on the password lock metal metal locks, no matter how to rotate it in, will not damage the internal components. If cutting under the handle, also can't unlock the metal. 8, indoor people open metal lock need to turn the handle to open the door. Indoor after metal lock on the door, can allow outdoor metal with a password to unlock ( Such as family back myself to open the door) , also can control room outsiders are not open the door, to ensure the safety of sleep. 9, the metal lock making easy, assembly and installation are not difficult. Note: if the user forgot password, can only be selected by the user several possible password try, if still can't open, can only be accessed from the window, open the door by indoor. The manufacturer also can't help. If the key is missing, is looking for professionals to open. Inventor is interested in cooperation with professional production ( The other party is responsible for the production, I was responsible for sales) Cooperation or patent transfer, or other ways. New mechanical password lock panel schematic inventor: metal piece ( Mechanical and electrical senior engineers, 20 years experience in machinery password lock metal research) Tel: 13828527650 QQ: 2840284611 contact address: German city white stone kiln hydropower station in guangdong
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