Metal shake handshandle industries Success depends on working smart

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
Metal polishing base has been implemented, address: AngYi fishing cross the village ( Wood group for land) Polishing machine number 800, now the relevant matters: - ->
succeed without working smart!
some historical figures are easy to remember and relish by the people. Because they only with one share a brute force dare say dare do, rollerblading through kyushu, there are also a big big fall. The most typical is zhang fei and li kui. The two people spell larger foe management troops known only from the front, no counsel and technical content. Imagine if at the outset sima yi occupy absolute advantage army surrounded not zhuge liang, but zhang fei and li kui, there is no we today's famed empty the full of wisdom.
have courage is commendable, but only on the strength of the muscle strength brute-force blindly is short of the expected target. The news that many young aspiring young without a full investigation to the market and relevant experience of battle with courage blindly open factory business, the result is not the quality of the product turn out not up to standard is not conform to the mainstream of the public aesthetic consciousness, not soon lose everything, serious still break the debt-ridden, has come to go.
look back 30 years development, our country hardware handles industry is still not fully out & other; With money & throughout; Situation, & other; Wisdom to make money & throughout; Border there is quite a distance & ndash; — — In overseas markets, our hardware handle product sales price is only Italy, Japan, Spain and other countries of similar products of one over ten to one 7, so we often face such as anti-dumping, countervailing, special protection and other barriers to trade in the domestic market, although our hardware handle products more profitable than the international market space, but ignore the intellectual property rights and a nest of wind with one, you die I worth living habits, each other in led to the endless pursuit of price war at the same time, also led directly to hardware handle excessive consumption, even waste of raw materials resources, energy and high consumption, serious environmental pollution, the situation of market chaos.
only in terms of production output, the hardware handles industry in our country is quite rich, but if from the profit and social benefit, environmental benefit and so on Angle to consider, the hardware handles industry in our country are almost penniless & ndash; — — “ Poor only money! ” Although industry of our country metal shake handshandle in just 30 years won the & other; Production throughout the world &; The throne, but distance & other; Throughout the world for the first & quality; 、“ Technology throughout the world &; 、“ Comprehensive strength throughout the world &; More and more far. Sometimes we should stop the pace of expansion to think about what strategies can make us more easily to be strong. Quick buck would be tantamount to climb a tree to look for fish. Only by working smart work is the connection is successful the green channel.
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